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Here’s the thing about visiting Sedona, Arizona: nothing you do on your trip will be nearly as majestic as simply being in the presence of the expansive red rocks that surround the city. There are plenty of luxurious offerings to make your stay as wonderful as possible and experiences you might not have anywhere else, but the key to a holistic wellness weekend in Sedona is to tailor your itinerary to finding the best ways to sit in awe of the scenery.

The secret to that isn’t simply in the beauty of the vista alone—it’s also the vortex. Sedona is one of the most well known of these energy hubs in the U.S., a place that holds more energy than usual. These energy vortexes are thought to sit at the intersection of natural lines of energy, a center of electricity in the earth, where nature is exceptionally alive and healthy and vibrating. It’s said to heighten physical and emotional sensations, inner peace and self-awareness, and can even support and intensify healing and personal growth.

After a recent girls’ trip to Sedona that left us feeling more connected and calm than ever, we can confidently say there’s really something to this.

We’ve curated a few of our favorite spots to enjoy nature and soak up the energy—with the best views in the city. A holistic wellness weekend is focused on body (sleeping well, eating well, moving well), mind (expanding your knowledge, connecting with the local culture) and spirit (perfecting your crystal game, getting a balancing spa experience). Here’s everything you need to uplevel your experience and craft a perfect long weekend getaway in the desert vortex.

Where To Stay

enchantment arizonaEnchantment Resort | Nestled into the Boynton Canyon, this expansive retreat offers stunning views of the red rocks from almost every vantage point. Cozy casitas sprawl along the property with multiple swimming pools, tennis and pickleball courts, and a trail house to guide you on exploring your surrounding nature. Sip a Prickly Pear Margarita by the pool while deer graze peacefully in the meadow. We highly recommend staying at the Enchantment Resort during a night where their in-house astronomer guides you in a star gazing night like none other—you might get the chance to view Saturn in all its glory!

L’Auberge de Sedona | For something a little closer to shops and restaurants in Sedona, this resort has the perfect blend of peaceful forest views and easy access. Picturesque cottages sit creekside throughout the forest with outdoor showers to bring the whole experience outdoors. Wood-burning fireplaces set the mood and warm up cool desert evenings. Wander over to The Lodge for a gallery experience with artists in residence, or over to L’Apothecary Spa for their signature handmade blends. This unique luxury property has an outdoor lounge where you can relax by the fire, and a creekside beach for relaxing in a hammock and watching local wildlife.

Where To Eat

Mariposa | Consistently the first answer when asking for the best place to eat in Sedona, this Latin-inspired restaurant is situated along the main road on a scenic bluff with one of the most expansive vistas of the red rocks you can find. Chef Lisa Dahl is one of the pioneers of fine dining in the area and advance reservations are highly recommended.

Elote Cafe | Situated in the heart of the city, this award-winning Mexican restaurant is perfect for dinner after a day exploring the shops. Chef Jeff Smedstad specializes in the bold, flavorful cuisine of southern and deep interior Mexico and has been featured in The New York Times, The Boston Globe, and more.

Where To Spa

mii amo spaMii Amo Spa | This award-winning and renowned destination spa is the sister property to the Enchantment Resort in Boynton Canyon. You’ve likely seen their stunning entrance and recent-renovation on many a Pinterest inspiration board as it’s been setting trends in luxury spas since its opening in 2001. The expansive offerings will provide you with any relaxation or transformative experience you’re after, but we highly recommend selecting from their Uniquely Mii amo experiences. Discover new clarity with a full Chakra Balancing or get in touch with deep emotions through an Intuitive Massage that combines energy work with conversation and massage. Tip: their signature hibiscus tea is not to be missed.

Wilde Haven Spa | New to the spa scene in Sedona after an expansion and renovation in 2021, this boutique spa experience is part of the Wilde Resort. With offerings deeply rooted in the local healing traditions, you’ll find yoga, meditation and oracle readings alongside clay wraps and deep tissue massage on the menu. We especially love their “Wellness Enhancements” which can be added to any appointment for a personalized experience. These include reiki and craniosacral therapy, as well as hot stones and CBD oils.

Where To Shop

Tlaquepaque Arts + Shopping Village | A haven of boutiques, restaurants and cafes is nestled just off the main drag in Sedona. A landmark under a canopy of sycamore trees since the ‘70s, this shopping center feels like a world unto itself with vine-covered stucco walls, intricate water features, cobblestone streets. Discover jewelry, fabrics and rugs from local artisans, a unique children’s boutique, a gorgeous spot for chai, live music tucked around corners, and so much more. Expect to spend hours exploring.
sedona shoppingCrystal Magic | There’s no better place to find a crystal that speaks to you than an energy vortex. And there’s no better place to explore those crystals than this storied shop that’s been serving the area since 1986. It’s unassuming from the outside, located in a strip mall, but the offerings are vast and the energy is palpable. It’s a must stop on any drive through town.

Where To Hike

Boynton Canyon | Renowned for its dramatic, 80 foot tall spire known as the Kachina Woman (representing a holy spirit according to the Hopi Nation), Boynton Canyon is said to be one of the most highly concentrated areas of the energy vortex. Start your hike with a visit to the Kachina Woman to soak up divine feminine energy, then wind your way through the canyon. There’s plenty of options for a casual nature walk or more difficult climbs to unique views of the region. Hat and hydration highly recommended for this one as it’s easy to spend a few hours in this special place.

Red Rock State Park | This 286-acre nature preserve offers plenty of options for new and more adventurous hikers, plus a wide variety of flora and fauna to explore. It’s also an area that provides resources necessary for monarch butterflies on their migration patterns. Commonly seen from spring through early fall, Sedona sits on a migration path for butterflies. Book your stay in August or September for peak season and stop at Oak Creek for lunch to watch them on their way.

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