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You may be surprised to see an ‘In and Out List’ on our pages. After all, we’re more likely to be found rolling our eyes over the popular January trend. Being well, enjoying life, and having great personal taste all have to do with embracing what you like and scrapping what you don’t — period!

Although that may be true for fashion and lifestyle trends, when it comes to wellness, In and Out Lists can often signify scientific and cultural advancements that we find important. As told in last year’s Trend Report for 2023, technology has a lot to do with advancements in wellness now.

Losing overly generalized ideas about wellness and embracing personalized health are where the most precise gains in wellness are really had going forward.

Sound… expensive? It can be! As a wellness platform, we’re all about popularizing these protocols and creating the demand that makes them more accessible in the long run. What’s more important than all this growing tech? Listening to your own intuition — that tech will be In every year for the foreseeable future!

Here are insights on what’s In and Out for 2024 from health and wellness pros we trust….

Our In + Out List for Wellness In 2024

In: Intentional Living

Out: Glorifying Hustle Culture

There was a time that people wore their hours-per-week like a badge of honor– the higher the number the more prestigious the badge. That “work hard – play hard” mentality is something that we’ll see people leaving behind more-and-more in 2024.

Instead, intentional living, where we value time as the number one currency, will become the trend. The trauma and chaos that society has endured over the last few years as a result of the pandemic were a huge wake-up call about the importance of prioritizing mental health above all else. More than ever, we’ve realized that money isn’t the only important thing and that it certainly doesn’t equal happiness on its own. Carving out space for self-care rituals and quality time with the important people in our lives is going to take priority.

–Kate Lombardo, wellness educator and mindset coach, YogaRenew

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In: Cycle Syncing

Out: Ignoring your Flow

Unlike a man’s daily rhythm and hormones, a woman’s body runs on a monthly cycle, and it’s likely that most of our school-day sex education was focused more on contraception than teaching us about our bodies’ unique constitution.

Cycle Syncing is a lifestyle approach that focuses on balancing your hormones by matching your diet and exercise routine to your menstrual cycle. At different points of your cycle, you have varying degrees of energy depending on what’s going on hormonally. During your menstrual phase, your body needs more rest and gentle movement – think: restorative yoga and hot girl walks. When you’re ovulating, and testosterone is pumping, you’ll thrive in a high intensity workout – think: HIIT, Weight lifting, or big cardio days! In the stages between: the follicular and luteal phases, light to moderate exercise is encouraged – think: vinyasa yoga, pilates, or a fun, dance cardio class.

I started cycle synching two years ago, and have felt such a massive change in the way I feel, physically, mentally and emotionally. Beyond workouts and diets, I’ve gone as far as mapping out my flow on my google calendar and consciously planning events and work meetings around when I’ll be feeling my best, it’s been a game changer!

Lindsay Monal, sound meditation expert, reiki master, and yoga teacher

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In: Vagus Nerve Stimulation

Out: Exercise Burnout

One of the biggest focuses for 2024 is vagus nerve stimulation. Meditation, reiki, breathwork, massage therapy and any other somatic healing practice you can think of are all powerful ways to activate your vagus nerve. The vagus nerve is the longest nerve in our body that helps regulate our internal organ functioning. It is also the key to tapping in our parasympathetic nervous system. This is the system referred to as the “rest and digest” system.

When we increase our vagal “tone” we increase our feelings of positive emotions, deeper connection to ourselves and experience general good health. This year make a commitment to yourself to practice stimulating your vagus nerve daily like a simple meditation, a short breathwork practice or even just a round of resonant humming. Engaging in any somatic practice or mindful body work can allow you to access the vagus nerve and create the stimulation that is key to move towards healing!

– Katie Healy, breathwork facilitator and certified reiki practitioner

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In: At-Home Testing

Out: Doctors Offices

2024 will be the year of at-home testing and virtual doctor visits thanks to companies creating mail-in services. These can help those with limited mobility, those located far away from a lab, or anyone with a busy schedule. At-home testing can be used for several different matters, including: informal diagnosis of a health issue, health screening, disease risk assessment, and wellness optimization.

Tests like the Prenuvo full-body scan made headlines in 2023, but you don’t necessarily have to get an expensive test to increase your longevity. I recommend to many patients the TruDiaganostic Biological Age test, which is an at-home test that can tell you your current age on a biological level, as well as how quickly or slowly your body is aging. I also recommend GI-MAP or Genova GI, two at-home stool tests, to any patients suffering from gut issues. These tests provide detailed information about the microbiome, digestive function, and other factors related to gut health.

–  Dr. Neil Paulvin, NY-based longevity and regenerative medicine doctor

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In: PEMF Therapy

Out: Invasive Procedures

Though Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy has been around for a while, we can expect its popularity to grow in 2024, especially as the tech surrounding it continues to improve. PEMF technology helps to generate energy within your cells without any kind of invasive procedure. Instead, it sends magnetic energy through the body, which works together with your body’s preexisting magnetic field to improve healing. The magnetic energy produces electrolytes and ions, as well and increases cellular metabolism. PEMF is not only an option for those dealing with chronic pain, but also for those looking to enhance their body’s natural processes and reverse aging.

–Dr. Neil Paulvin, NY-based longevity and regenerative medicine doctor

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In: Wellness Retreats

Out: Mindless Vacationing

We’ve all been on an over scheduled, over priced vacation that has left us feeling like we needed another vacation after that vacation. While there’s always a time and a place for whatever your type of fun is, in the last few years we are seeing how much we as a society are craving a slower pace not only in our day to day but also our vacationing.

Whether it’s a staycation while attending your favorite classes and holistic offerings in your neighborhood or traveling to a week long silent meditation retreat abroad, wellness retreats are continuing to rise in popularity for 2024. These types of retreats take self care to a whole new level. A wellness retreat is an opportunity to explore a deeper practice of self-care. Whether you go with a group or alone, you have the opportunity to truly recalibrate and restore a sense of self that is unmatched. Companies like YogaRenew are even offering new courses on how to host a successful, organized yoga retreat.

––Katie Healy, Breathwork facilitator and certified reiki practitioner

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