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instagram is overrun with healthy food bloggers – and we can’t say we’re mad about it (or that we’re not contributing to the ‘look what I ate’ commotion) – but a few holistic foodies stand out from the crowd and Alison Wu is one of them.

This Portland-based wellness blogger and recipe developer first captured our attention with the layered smoothie phenomenon of 2016 (if you’re eating clean and always on Insta, you know what we’re talking about), but she’s since expanded to sharing the kind of drop-dead gorgeous dishes we’re dying to eat every day.

We recently peeked inside Alison’s fridge and thought we’d follow up with the plant-based food phenom to talk about what she actually eats everyday – on or off the ‘gram…


First Thing – Pre-Workout 
I usually start my day around 6:15 with a tall glass of water and some trace minerals. Then I move to a mug of yerba mate or an adaptogenic matcha potion made with coconut butter. I’ve tried the no-caffeine thing, but it just never really works for me. I’ve kind of accepted that caffeine is one of my vices. I do a 60-minute high-intensity, booty-busting workout three to five times a week. I don’t like to workout with a full stomach, so I wait until after that to eat breakfast. Some days I wait until after my workout to make my matcha.

BreakfastI practice intermittent fasting most days. So my breakfast is typically around 11 a.m. I usually eat a smoothie or a yogurt bowl. My smoothies vary greatly based on my mood but often include banana, zucchini, ginger, cacao nibs, collagen peptides, hemp or flex seed and some berries and/or greens.alison wu

Lunch is usually a salad bowl of some sort. This is the time when I try to pack in as many greens and/or raw veggies as I can, so usually a big bed of arugula, spinach or lettuce. I also love including cooked veggies during the winter, so I’ll roast some greens and seasonal squash. I love to add spicy roasted chickpeas to my meals for a bit of flavor and substance. My favorite dressing is tahini-lemon-olive oil, sometimes with za’atar to mix it up — it makes the dish so flavorful and delicious.

Dinner is the most varied meal of the day. It really changes day by day, but a few times a week, wild-caught fish or organic chicken rice or quinoa bowls with fermented kraut or kimchi and lots of veggies, either raw or roasted. Other nights, I’ll make a big batch of sweet potato noodles with other veggies and a creamy cashew or sunflower seed dressing. In the winter, soup is on the menu often. In the summer, we tend to eat a lot of salad and love to cook on our grill.

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