Tame, Friendly Or Wild? Choose Your Own Adventure This Valentine’s Day

How are you spending Valentine’s Day this year? Whether your plans are centered on friends, family or your significant other, we’ve got some ideas for you. No plan at all? Choose your own adventure and make some below…


tame: a Pancake morning with the fam Make it sweet, keep it cute and whip up special pancakes in pajamas you haven’t yet worn (for more than three days in a row). Eberjay’s slouchy PJ’s are a modern classic so soft you’ll want to wear them all day — and probably will.

Make your family a huge, dramatic stack of grain-free pancakes that won’t spike anyone’s blood sugar and send everyone into a mood. We love them with chia jam, real maple syrup and a generous amount of grass-fed butter. Get all our healthy pancake ideas here!

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friendly: a zoom gathering with friends Most people we know are somewhat suspicious of Valentine’s Day and prefer to spread the love outward into their community of friends in various states of relationship. If that’s you, a reminder: it’s still a holiday and a great excuse to buy yourself a sweet and cozy new outfit. Onzie’s matching set in a black heart print can be interpreted any way you like and worn through all your texts, calls, that take-out dinner and on into bed.

If you’re looking to tamp down on the number of bottles popped at home in 2021, look no further than Kin Euphorics’ brilliant Kin Spritz. The fizzy, citrusy tonic is packed with rhodiola, maca and nootropics designed to lift your mood, stimulate your mind and calm your nerves. It’s totally alcohol-free and gaining major popularity amongst those looking for healthier daily options than a bottle of rose.

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wild: an evening with your person If you want to get down to the real business of Valentine’s Day, all you really need is a bottle of Foria’s California-made, CBD-infused lube with a cult-following. The hype is loud and clear — and true. Pair it with a silk piece from Helena Quinn and you’ve got plans for the evening — even if your person is just you this year.

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