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OVER THE LAST YEAR, we’ve been separated almost entirely from our favorite beauty pros. Many facialists, like L.A. skincare guru, Shani Darden showed up for us via incredible skincare tutorials on social media.

In a fun Instagram series with devoted client, Jessica Alba, Darden reintroduced us to the facial steamer. And later in the year, Alba herself demo’ed this weird circulation-boosting gun below for Vogue.

While low-tech tools like jade rollers and gua shas can work wonders on their own, adding a few skincare gadgets can go a long way and get us closer to the results we’re so longing to re-gain after a treatment-free year!  Here are seven of the tools and tech we’ve learned to love most…

7 Skincare Devices We’re Now Obsessed With

Steam: Vanity Planet Aira ionic FACIAL STEAMER Walk into almost any A-list spa in the world and you’ll be treated to a cleanser followed by steam. A steam treatment is one of the most common components of a good in-office facial for opening up pores, hydrating the skin and preparing the skin for all the serums and masks to come.

At-home facial steamers went out of style for a minute because they can be so tough to keep clean. Using a steaming device that’s not cleaned regularly can have a majorly detrimental effect on your skin health. But, if you’re vigilant about taking good care of an at-home steaming device, a unit like this Aira Ionic Facial Steamer can be absolutely transformative for your skin.

This ionic steamer is facialist, Shani Darden’s top pick for at-home facials. Watch her in-depth tutorial with Jessica Alba and get inspired. SHOP NOW

Microcurrent: ZIIP DEVICE The ZIIP is our preferred at-home nano and microcurrent device for it’s sleek look, easy to use shape and potent results.

For ultimate results, we prefer regular microcurrent treatments in office with professional level tools, but — since that’s rarely been an option over the last year — we’ve been amping up our use of the ZIIP at home for lifting, depuffing and tightening effects that can be seen right away.

As Hollywood facialist, Joanna Vargas once told us, at-home microcurrent can be great, but require so much personal discipline to stick with that she doesn’t always recommend them. To each their own; if you’re the disciplined type and want to avoid the cost and time of spa treatments, this device is our top pick as it also uses nano currents!

Learn all about microcurrent facials here. The lastest ZIIP also offer a lymphatic treatment setting we love. SHOP NOW 
MICRONEEDLing: Love & Pebble DERMAROLLER Microneedling at home can be controversial since needle depth can vary and sterilization of your tools is absolutely essential. In our experience, and in all we’ve learned from our fave pros, microneedling at home can be a great option — as long as you’re using rollers without dramatic needle length and sterilizing them religiously before and after treatment.

Love & Pebble makes a dermaroller appropriate for at-home treatments that we love as a pre-facial treatment that helps to even skin tone, plump skin, increase circulation and refine fine lines. The results of twice weekly dermarolling are impressive — explore the full story on dermaroller facials here. SHOP NOW

Compression: conture SKIN TONING SYSTEM  This is the beauty gadget that Jessica Alba turned us onto via Instagram. Apparently, we weren’t the only ones, as the Conture was out of stock for months after Jessica’s tutorial — but luckily, not before we were able to get our hands on one.

Think of the Conture as a high-tech version of facial massage or even facial cupping. The tool utilizes ‘Isometric Compression’ and low frequency vibrations in small suctioning, massaging motions to boost circulation and tone the skin. Use the tool from the center of the face outward and upward for an instant lift and glow that can be felt right away. SHOP NOW 

Ultrasonic: Essia ULTRASONIC LIFTING + EXFOLIATING WAND We’ve only tried this tool a few times during treatments with L.A. facialist, Molly Stanton, but recently, we’re seeing it in online tutorials for at-home use everywhere.

Essia’s ultrasonic wand uses a combination of high-frequency ultrasonic oscillations and electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) to penetrate skin by 3-5mm. Depending on the oscillation setting you choose, the wand either lifts out skin impurities, helps skincare products to deeply penetrate the skin, or acts like a microcurrent device to firm skin and fight fine lines. At just $89-99, that’s a lot of functionality for one skincare tool. SHOP NOW

LED: Celluma PRO LED Device Beverly Hills esthetician, Matthew Miller has skin that speaks for itself. He recently told us that, “..at home I use my Celluma LED device a few days a week. The mix of infrared and red light helps with healing, and production of collagen and elastin.”

We have to be honest and say we’ve never experienced significant results with LED devices at home, but consistency is absolutely key and we’re pretty sure we just haven’t been disciplined enough with the frequency of use. Top estheticians like Miller continue to be staunch advocates for the light-based technology which keeps our interest levels high. Just be aware that there’s a high-level of commitment required with the use of LED for at-home results. SHOP NOW 

Humidifier: hey dewy portable facial humidifier This sweet little humidifier was first marketed to us as an ‘in car treatment’ which — even as Angelenos — we never quite caught on to. However, having a cute and silent portable humidifier nearby while we sleep or work is pretty great. If you’re the type who can just feel the winter air turning your skin to dust, this little pod is for you. Fill it with water in the morning while you fill your cup with coffee and let it treat your skin all day. SHOP NOW

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