IN TRADITIONAL INDIAN CULTURE, brides celebrate their wedding day with a lavish Haldi ceremony that includes a turmeric mask just short of beauty legend.

We sent Sahajan’s traditionally-inspired turmeric mask to a friend who celebrated her own traditional Indian wedding not long ago and asked her for a review of the skincare line Vogue calls “the secret to balancing your skin.” Turns out the glow-inducing mask and the nourishing face cream with over 100 five-star reviews lived up the hype…

Inside Dr Deepika Chopra’s Weekly Skincare Ritual

Optimism doctor and podcast host, Dr. Deepika Chopra counts herself among clean beauty brand Sahajan’s newest devotees after trying the ritual with glowing reviews thanks to the brand’s growing fanbase. She credits our own EIC with turning her on to the “beautiful, high-performing, clean” brand that harnesses the same powerful ingredients her Indian grandmother taught her to use. sahajan turmeric mask glowing skin ritual

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Dr. Chopra lead us through her weekly skincare ritual on Instagram recently (sharing above!) that centers on the brand’s celebrated Brightening Mask, but starts off with Sahajan’s Essential Cleansing Oil.

The oil cleansing blend includes a mixture of rose, moringa, and super-hero squalane oil. Skin is left glowing and hydrated instead of stripped and desperate for moisture. The perfect oil cleanser for a double cleanse or on it’s own at the end of a big night when you want one cleanser to get it all done.sahajan offer code

Next, the Balance Toner with orange, lemon and bilberry extracts works to naturally turnover cells to reveal newer, brighter skin.

Using Sahajan’s cult hit, the Brightening Mask, Dr. Chopra recalls the beautifying spices and practices passed down from her grandmother and great-grandmother. She used a similar DIY turmeric mask in her own wedding rituals that she makes at home weekly to this day as a special treat.

“Usually when I make my own mask at home, I use things like yogurt and turmeric root,” Deepika shares. “I have 100% stained my countertops because turmeric is very prone to staining.” Sahajan delivers all the benefits of decades of practices and the beauty of tried-and-true ingredients without the mess of mixing at home. The Brightening Mask is an easy alternative to a DIY — much less messy for hands and countertops! — with all the high-functioning detox and brightening benefits the skin needs for maximum glow.

The Brightening Mask contains a blend of turmeric, hemp seed oil, holy basil, and fruit-based glycolic acids — the perfect weekly treat for skin. Expect a light tingle from the glycolic while the protective nourishment from hemp and holy basil soften and deeply nourish.

Deepika advises applying leftover product to the backs of hands, as to not waste any of the product. Make it count! After washing off the mask, expect to notice a pleasant tingling feeling and an instant glow.sahajan review

Finish the full ritual with Sahajan’s Nourish Creme Riche, the cream with over 100 five-star reviews at clean beauty retailers like The Detox Market and Credo. The soothing moisturizer includes a potent blend of ancient ingredients like soothing triphala, circulation-boosting gotu kola, and coconut oil.

Taking time to tap into a traditional skincare ritual paired with a moment of self care is the perfect way to kickstart a night of relaxation or prepare for an important day to come. Shop the full Sahajan ritual with our exclusive offer — TCM readers get 20% off their purchase by applying code TCM20 at checkout.

sahajan offer code

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