Herbal Chinese Tonics are certainly not new to the world, as they are quite ancient in China. Even Western medicine is finding evidence that supports the array of healthy benefits that Chinese herbs provide. One particular herb Fo Ti Root or Ho Shou Wu is being touted as a superfood!

One of the active ingredients in Fo Ti Root is polygonum multiflorum, which is known as a longevity formula that is excellent for replenishing the kidneys, liver and blood. The liver and kidneys are responsible for filtering toxins and keeping the blood clean. When these organs are functioning at their optimum potential then the body as a whole functions much better. In China, this herb is also used for the restoration of hair loss and in general is extremely beneficial as an anti-aging secret.

Fo Ti Root may be consumed in a number of different ways including teas, capsules and tinctures. Personally I like teas, as the warmth feels quite nourishing. Traditional Chinese medicine uses ceramic pots packed with herbs and then hot water is poured over the herbs. It is a therapeutic experience if you have the time; otherwise, capsules or a few drops of the liquid tincture into a beverage will get the job done.


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