We're pleased to announce our guest editors for March, Christopher Gavigan and Jessica Alba, from The Honest Company!

Dear chalkboard readers,

As the creators and founders of a new company, Honest.com, we’re so excited to be teaming up with The Chalkboard, Pressed Juicery’s new site. We share a lot of common views—among them healthy living and giving back—and we are so excited to be March’s guest editor team. We’ll be sharing some of our favorite tips for “greening” your home, common toxic ingredients everyone should avoid, useful advice for balancing work and family, and even sharing our brand new products with The Chalkboard readers.

Before we talk about The Honest Company, let us give you a little background information about us. All the founders of Honest have kids under 4 years old and with such busy lives (Jessica is an in-demand actress and Christopher is an author of Healthy Child, Healthy World, and authority on environmental health) and a desire to find products that were healthy and non-toxic for our children, we realized there was a dearth of good options—a master brand of healthy, beautiful products that actually performed. Thus, Honest was born.

The Honest Company is a monthly service that delivers customized bundles of non-toxic, eco-friendly, adorable products directly to your front door. And beyond creating amazingly effective and beautiful products, we also want to have over-the-top awesome service and programs that help parents create healthier homes – whatever we can do to support healthy, happy families. Fundamentally, we want to re-create the family brand and go WAY beyond what people expect from a business – do something that makes the world a better place.

We chose “honest” because we want to be a company people can really trust, we want to be transparent about what we make and do and we want to be authentic to ourselves. And honestly, we AREN’T perfect and the business journey is like parenting in the sense we are embracing the journey and always trying to do our best and become better. We are real, tangible people and parents that understand what families need and we want to deliver on that – not some big corporation with no social consciousness that only cares about making a profit.

A membership to our Diapers Bundle costs less than $20 dollars a week – which includes a full month’s supply of all your child’s diapers. And for a limited time, we still are offering a one month supply of Wipes! The Family Essentials Bundle costs less than $7 dollars a week – which includes 5 products that members can personalize every month from our Bath & Skin Care and Home Cleaning product lines. And very soon (in less than 4 weeks), we’ll be offering new ways for people to personalize their shopping experience even more, like buying individual items (1 here, or 2 of these) and gifting – which every new Mom would love, or even college students who could use great cleaning essentials.

Charity is really important to us personally and we’ve made sure to make it a core pillar of The Honest Company. We want to help ALL families – not just the ones that can buy our products. So with every product purchased, The Honest Company donates product, money and time to address critical issues affecting families. This year, our nonprofit partner is Baby2Baby – who supplies families in need with essential baby clothing and gear, like baby diapers. And as we grow, we will add additional charities, because of our belief in being an active part of transforming this world for the better.

Overall, we are excited about doing it better – in every way – and hope to you can join us in this journey!

Christopher Gavigan & Jessica Alba

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