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Ugly sneakers Are one of the most unexpected fashion trends to pop in a long time. Do a pair of sports shoes that your dad may have sported in printed family photos put one in the fashion-forward or fashion victim camp? The jury is out, but it seems the masses are in.

It all started spiraling out of control after Balenciaga launched its popular chunky $900 Triple S shoe. A few months later it seemed as though every retail brand on earth was jumping on board with their own 90’s-esque ugly sneaker. As the questionable footwear began seeping into the mainstream it left us feeling conflicted, to say the least.

Shop Tread By Everlane – $98

Everlane recently tapped into the trend, taking their sneaker in a sustainable direction. The sustainable and ‘radically transparent’ brand just launch an offshoot, Tread by Everlane, featuring a low-impact kick in a range of neutrals we’d actually wear.

The sustainability factor of Everlane’s version caught our attention, then suddenly we found ourselves spiraling into a state of affection. The trainer’s sole is 94.2% virgin plastic-free, made by blending natural rubber and post-industrial recycled rubber which keeps a huge amount of un-recyclable waste out of landfills. The shoes are constructed with real leather that comes from a gold-certified tannery (meaning it uses 42% less electricity, 56% less water, and 20% less greenhouse gas). They sport a fairly adaptive silhouette, are actually comfortable, and are just under $100.

Everlane is on a mission to make a totally carbon-neutral kick (with more styles on the way), meaning the emissions produced by creating the shoe is entirely offset by more sustainable production practices. A zero-impact sneaker is their ultimate goal. So how do we feel about it?

Other brands honing in on the ugly shoe trend include Outdoor Voices, whose new Clifton trainers step all the way in, and Schutz’s aptly named Jackye Dad Sneakers.

We’re still on the fence about ugly sneakers, but we may be willing to lean in if they help us reduce our carbon footprint.

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