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Most people consider doing laundry a major chore.  The one redeeming experience on laundry day is the moment you finally pull that last batch of warm sheets or towels from the dryer and the smell of dryer sheets still hangs fresh and strong. Unfortunately, that fresh “mountain pines” or “tropical breeze” scent is laden with chemicals!  A buzz kill to be sure!

Dryer sheets often contain a wide range of chemicals,  from benzyl acetate – which has been linked to pancreatic cancer – to linalool, a chemical found in relation to central nervous system disorders.  Some of the chemicals found in dryer sheets are, ironically, dangerous upon inhalation! Pentane and benzyl alcohol, both common dryer sheet ingredients, can be harmful when inhaled and cause respiratory tract irritation.

However, all is not lost thanks to a new breed of natural laundry products, my favorite being Mrs. Meyers Clean Day products.  Mrs. Meyers Clean Day dryer sheets are not only toxin-free, but cute as a button in adorable mid-century-style packaging.

The four scents – Lemon Verbena, Lavender, Geranium & Basil – are each fresh, unique and, most importantly, all-natural.  With vegetable-derived softening agents and essential oils packed in, these sheets are ideal for laundry and make great substitutions for all those uses for which you’ve come to love dryer sheets!  They’re great for adding scent to drawers, closets and trunks and can be tucked in luggage, too!

In addition, Mrs. Meyer’s sheets are biodegradable and sold in recycled packaging, so sniff away!

Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Dryer Sheets can be purchased from the company’s website in an 80-sheet pack for $7.99.

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  1. Mrs Meyer’s basil handsoap is fantastic!

  2. I love Mrs. Meyers everything! Everything smells so amazing!!!

    Jennifer | 03.20.2012 | Reply
  3. Everyone is different, and fabric softeners, even from a natural source, can be harmful to some people. I used Mrs. Meyer’s Geranium dryer sheets for the first time on some bedding and within two days I had difficulty breathing. The problem continues nearly three weeks after getting rid of all my bedding. I have seen a doctor and I am scheduled to see a pulmonologist. Mrs. Meyer’s dryer sheets have been an unwelcome addition to my life.

    Mark | 07.01.2019 | Reply
  4. Yes, I hear you, people have different sensitivities, but the dryer sheets are at the least non-toxic. At least the doctor’s visit won’t be giving you news of pancreatic cancer or some other nerve disorder with unknown etiology I use wool balls now with essential oils. It took me a minute to figure out my good combo, but I can say thankful for the information of toxins and poisoning being advertised and sold to us legally‍♀‍♀

    Judy | 01.11.2023 | Reply

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