Toxic Timeout: Thimerosal
WHAT IS IT? Thimerosal is an organic mercury compound, used as an antiseptic and anti-fungal agent in eye drops, ointments, and mascara.

HEALTH RISK: Thimerosal has been known to cause developmental and reproductive toxicity, organ system toxicity (reproductive), neurotoxicity, ecotoxicology and endocrine disruption. 

Some food for thought: According to FDA, ‘Mercury compounds are readily absorbed through the skin on topical application and tend to accumulate in the body. They may cause allergic reactions, skin irritation, or neurotoxic manifestations.’ Mercury is considered particularly toxic to the developing brain during pregnancy, infancy and childhood. The FDA has banned the use of mercury compounds in all cosmetics except those used around the eyes, where levels are limited to 65 parts per million (ppm). In 2007 the use of mercury in all cosmetics was banned in Minnesota.

SAFE ALTERNATIVE: For a better mascara, try a safe alternative from some of The Chalkboard’s favorite brands: Josie Maran, 100% Pure, Nvey Eco and – just recently – ILIA, all make great all-natural options!
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