Take Your Minerals: A Calming Blood Orange Spritzer

We know, we know – there are far too many vitamins, minerals and other substances we’re told to consume and monitor on a daily basis. But magnesium, responsible for over 325 enzyme reactions in the body, is a mineral far too many of us are deficient in!

Once found in rich supply in everything from sea vegetables, leafy greens, fruit, nuts, seeds and cacao, the mineral-depleted conditions of our soil today leave too many us with less than complete supplies of this precious substance. The consumption of so much cooked and heated food also diminishes the quality of minerals we’re consuming and our love for sugar, caffeine and what is often too much protein depletes our internal mineral stores, leaving many of us with less than the full supply of magnesium necessary for our bodies to operate at optimal health.

Magnesium exists within the body in a careful balance with another vital mineral, calcium. Keeping these two important minerals in balance is the key to avoiding so many health concerns including osteoporosis, kidney stones and fibromyalgia. Magnesium also plays a key role in keeping us calm and helping us overcome stress. Anyone wishing to reduce or manage a stressful lifestyle should take note to include plenty of magnesium-rich foods and supplements into their diet.

To boost your intake of magnesium in a fun way, we asked the team at Natural Calm to offer us a recipe for using their popular magnesium-rich supplement in some type of mineral ‘cocktail’. We love the idea of using supplements like Natural Calm and other naturally flavored powders that can slip so easily into our work routines. This simple recipe is a great way to break mid-afternoon stress-a-thons or as a fun ‘cocktail’ to wind down the workday. One glass of this bubbly spritzer provides a full dose of your body’s daily required magnesium. Cheers!

  • Calming Blood Orange Spritzer

  • Ingredients

    2 cups fresh blood orange juice (about 6 medium sized oranges)

    1-2 teaspoons Raspberry-Lemon Flavor Natural Calm

    16 ounces sparkling water


    Fresh mint for garnish

  • Directions

    Stir all ingredients until the Natural Calm is dissolved.

    Garnish with mint & enjoy!

  • Giveaway!

    We're giving away a gift card from Natural Vitality to one lucky reader! Leave your comment below and win your own supply of magnesium-rich Natural Calm to make a few spritzers of your own!

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