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Can you feel it in the air? In your gut? In your energy? On August 21st, we’ll witness the first total solar eclipse since 1979 – a rare energetic opportunity for opening and growth…if you’re willing. Before you pull out that celestial survival kit – or take shelter under skepticism – read through this, admittedly, “deep vibes” guide by Nicola Behrman, energy alchemist and astrological guru extraordinaire.

We recently met Nicola up at The Ojai Valley Inn & Spa – where she will be hosting a magical weekend of events in honor of the total solar eclipse – and we were blown away by her understanding of these energies and totally soothed by her insights on this exciting and transformational time.

Eclipses are known to launch us into new chapters, inviting closure for loose ends and encouraging us to take account of the things that no longer serve us. Even if you’re not into the whole “astro” thing, you can find symbolic inspo within this historical event: we need a a bit a darkness for our light to shine at its full potential, literally. But we’ll let Nicola do the talking…

Here’s everything you need to know about this month’s total solar eclipse (and then some…)

The Chalkboard Mag:
Nicola, we loved our session while in Ojai, but how do I explain it here? Can you tell us about your work in your own words?

Nicola Behrman: Yes, I will do my best! In essence, I’m an energy alchemist, spiritual guide and a multi-dimensional healer. I can help shift energy in a room, in a person or even in a situation. Often, as a result, there is a lot of healing and an awakening of people’s own multi-dimensional powers that comes through. Although truthfully, the term ‘healer’ never sits right with me as a description because that’s not really what it’s about, nor what’s happening. In essence, I open portals of reality, through which light and energy flow in. You then receive them in real time and work with them in ways that nourish and awaken your own soul.

Often, sitting across from me, people will notice that my face completely changes — true story — and their faces also shift. I get to see other dimensional aspects of their being, I get to see past lives and I get to see their souls show up so profoundly. It’s an incredible thing, and people sit there and feel a sense of homecoming that is hard to explain until you’ve experienced it. Once you have experienced it though, there’s no need to really prove it to anyone – it’s visceral and energetic and profoundly soothing. And it’s an incredible thing that this visceral and energetic and profoundly healing experience can happen without drugs, without alcohol, without anything that is shifting your experience beyond the portals that I am able to open. To the regular human, it sounds absolutely crazy, but when you sit in front of me and let me see you – and hundreds of people have experienced it with me at this point – it is a very profound and “healing” experience. Even for – especially for – the skeptics. But I’m not the one doing it. I just open the energetic space. You choose what to receive and what to do with it.

In technical terms, I received the rites four years ago from Don Mariano Qusipe to connect to and transmit the energies of the Pleiades, a celestial constellation also known as the Seven Sisters. These connections open the portals to other dimensions and are a big part of the work that I do. I don’t have to say it during sessions, people just feel the magic. But energetically, you are communing with their energy and the energies of other stars and star beings in our sessions together. And it’s very soothing.

TCM: Let’s talk about the upcoming total solar eclipse. For skeptics and newbies, why should people care about eclipses and what’s going on in the cosmos?

NB: Well skeptics and newbies are probably gonna find the above information a little too out there, but if they’re still here and reading, eclipses are super super important energetically. And this is why: We are constantly and consistently receiving energy from the Cosmos. Part of the reason that this planet seems to be going through such a crisis is that we are actually experiencing a very profound energetic, inter-dimensional upgrade. We are literally remembering who we are as cosmic beings having human experiences and our energetic make-up is shifting from lead-based beings to crystalline beings.

All this talk of Rainbow Children and Crystal Children over the past several decades relates to the fact that the younger generations are already coming in with more highly attuned energetics and memories of who they are. And we, as the older generations on this planet, are catching up and going through our own metamorphosis. Eclipses hit and energetically we have an opportunity to really jumpstart this newness and energetic possibility. It’s like the clock stops. Portals open, relationships end, jobs shift. We complete things, in a big way. Anything that has not been working in our lives comes up for review so that we can leave behind anything that is stagnant and start afresh.

The thing that I love the most is seeing how these energetics work in people’s lives even when they are skeptical or have no conscious knowing of what is going on. My brother is a perfect example. He’s a Manhattan-based lawyer and not remotely interested in this stuff. But his life still moves with these rhythms, and I chuckle every time he tells me a big piece of news and I let him know that he is right on the money with the specifics of eclipse season.

TCM: Tell us about the significance of the total solar eclipse coming up on August 21st.

NB: This upcoming eclipse on August 21st is particularly important. It’s the completion of a six-month energetic period that began at the end of February. It’s a period that has invited us to deeply take stock of our lives and where we are at, so we may move into deeper possibility and deliciousness. Literally, anything that is not in alignment with our true soul knowing and journey at this point is going out the window, whether we like it or not. The energy of this eclipse is very much the energy of completion. It’s not just a metaphor. It’s happening in tangible ways. Relationships are ending, jobs are shifting. People are finally, finally taking the steps that they have wanted to for years or they are being pushed to take the steps. And it’s all connected to the energy that is pouring into this reality from other galaxies now.

This is the beautiful thing: the completion is happening because we are ready to step into something more beautiful and more aligned. It feels uncomfortable in the lead-up, for sure, but if we work it, are conscious of it and are authentic in our exploration, it’s really an opportunity for profound shifts and magic. Going forward, we will witness – and you will witness, if you’re open – an increase in serendipity and an increase in psychic powers and connection and in instant manifestation. There will come a day when this will be very normal. The veils are lifting even more deeply and we are remembering what we are actually capable of on an energetic level.

TCM: What should people expect to feel and to experience?

NB: People should expect to experience a variety of things, but mainly, in this lead up now between the full moon and the eclipse, stuff is gonna be up. If there are things in your life that you haven’t dealt with previously or that you have pushed under the carpet, be prepared for them to come to light. And don’t be scared. This isn’t about punishment or suffering. It’s about clearing the way for something newer and even more beautiful. Our egos don’t like change, but it’s happening now, so feel the freedom of what that might mean to you and let it have its way with you. It’s going to anyway. Allow yourself to surrender. Everything comes from this.

TCM: How do you recommend for people approach this time? What should we do? What are a few questions we should be asking ourselves during this time?

NB: Be super super gentle with yourself right now and all the way up to the eclipse. And if you can, take some time to meditate and journal a little.

Four writing prompts that would be amazing to ask and journal about are:

What is up for completion for me now? If I tune into to one specific area of my life that I am really ready to shift, it is… If I was free to live the deepest dream imaginable, I would most certainly

I am ready to…

And when you write them, just write the words and let your soul speak — don’t second-guess what is coming forward. You truly have no idea. These writing prompts link you to a part of yourself that normally doesn’t get a voice. Let it flow through your pen and speak to you.

TCM: Tell us about what’s happening at the spa for this magical weekend!

NB: I am leading a beautiful guided meditation journey to the stars outside by the pool on Saturday night with wine and truffles and an evening swim under the stars. On Sunday we are doing a Dream Alchemy Ceremony, where you will literally work with the energies of the eclipse to energize a heartfelt dream. On Monday, during the actual eclipse, we will be doing a special free yoga and meditation session outside under the Wishing Tree. If there is a dream in your heart, this is a beautiful weekend to come and seed it even more deeply.

All three amazing events can be booked here individually, a la carte. And the hotel is actually fully booked at this point, but people are welcome to come up for the day or stay somewhere else in Ojai and join us for the magic. It’s going to be very delicious!

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