TCM Reader Poll: What Is Your Favorite Wellness Trend?

Unicorn is the new kale. Magical mushrooms now have a healthy connotation. And self-care is a mainstream hobby.

In January we called out our fave trends for the year ahead, dubbing 2017 the year of self-care. Now that we’re a few months in, we’re checking back in with you, our lovely readers, about which wellness trends have been your favorites so far. Peek below for a handful of answers from our latest TCM reader poll (poke through the complete archives here) — and let us know what else you’re loving lately in the comments!

What Is Your Favorite Wellness Trend of 2017 so far?

 wellness lattes and adaptogenic potions!!

TCM Pick: these superfood lattes

medicinal mushrooms – chaga, reshi, etc

TCM Pick: this morning tonic

activated charcoal. I can clean my water with it, put it on my face as a mask, or eat it in the lemon charcoal jam from @stagg_jam_marmalade

TCM Pick: these beauty products

Vital Proteins Collagen! It has saved my joints and my skin has never looked better!

TCM Pick: this beautifying smoothie

lean, clean + green + athleisure

TCM Pick: this new athleisure line

matcha and tahini and unicorn EVERYTHING

TCM Pick: this unicorn beauty roundup

oil pulling!

TCM Pick: this cute on-the-go solution

obsessed with unicorn lattes and toasts and everything so colorful and healthy

TCM Pick: this unicorn recipe

collagen, self-care, herbs + mushrooms!!

TCM Pick: this ultimate day of self-care

Natural food to face skin care

TCM Pick: this edible mask recipe

What are your favorite wellness trends of 2017? We want to know!
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