Family-owned Santa Monica Seafood is the largest seafood distributor in the southwest and an industry leader in the responsible sourcing of both fish and shellfish.  We reached out to Bob Vogel, director of SMS’s retail operations, for some helpful tips for shoppers concerned with sustainability.  Here, Bob shares his five top choices for clean, healthy and sustainable seafood.

Health Benefits: High in Omega 3s, great for heart health and low in calories – 204 per 4 oz.
Source:  Farmed in far north Canada and West Virginia.
Claim To Fame:  Looks like salmon, tastes like trout! Char produced in Canada are raised in a closed environment: land locked lakes, where there are no problems with things like sea lice.
Best Way To Enjoy: Bake, broil, grill, sauté

Fish:  WILD SALMON (Chinook, Kings, Sockeye, Silver Coho)
Health Benefits:  High in Omega 3s, great for heart health, rich in good cholesterol, low in calories – 211 per 4 oz!
Source:  Wild caught from central California, all the way up to Alaskan waters.
Claim To Fame:  Outstanding, versatile table fare!  Salmon have the longest migration: some travel up to 1900 miles up the Yukon River in Alaska to spawn.
Best Way To Enjoy: Bake, broil, grill, poach or smoke.

Health Benefits: Low in calories – 67 per 4 oz – and rich in minerals.
Source: From Baja to Canada.
Claim To Fame: The food of lovers!
Best Way To Enjoy: Raw, on the ½ shell, BBQ whole or ½ shell, baked, deep fried.

Health Benefits: Omega 3s, low in calories – 220 per 4 oz.
Source: Alaska, Canada and Santa Barbara/Channel Islands.
Claim To Fame: Great table fare: moist, velvety, rich in flavor with delicate texture. Monterey Bay’s Seafood watch lists Sablefish from Canada and Alaska as a “best choice” and “good alternative” from California, Oregon and Washington.
Best Way To Enjoy: Bake, sauté, broil, grill.

Shellfish: MUSSELS
Health Benefits: High in Omega 3s, low in calories – 97 per 4 oz.
Source: Farmed/aquaculture from Baja to Canada and the East Coast.
Claim To Fame: Inexpensive, easily obtained, consistent year round.  Farmed mussels live in a monitored habitat.  Waters are kept free from pollutants from rain, run-off and other hazards.
Best Way To Enjoy: Sautéed or steamed in shell with white wine, garlic, herbs and crusty bread to mop up the juices!

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