Tropical Hydration: Young Thai Coconuts

Alkalizing, hydrating, PH balancing, cleansing, nourishing, healing… Is there anything that this super food and drink can’t do?!

Did you know that young coconuts are becoming more readily available in mainstream supermarkets worldwide? (Read: This is totally awesome!) Because of this, consumers are able to purchase one of the best 100% raw, unprocessed, delicious, antioxidant, vitamin and mineral packed supplements you could possibly add to a healthy diet! Coconuts are rich in lauric acid, which is known for being antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal, as well as giving the immune system a nice boost along.

Before I get onto the fun part of eating/drinking them, know that I’ve included a detailed list for your info at the bottom of the page – check it out if you want to know all the goss on coconut nutrition!  Oh, and maybe check out the little opening page at the coconut research center, too, also at the bottom of the page – you know, some extra convincing for those rare non-coconut likers.  Amazing, huh? I’m amazed.  Oh, I’m so excited about coconuts, I may just need to run off to the fridge and grab one before finishing this article!

Yum… I’m back, with my delicious coconut kefir in hand! I particularly love green coconuts in my smoothies, but I also make fresh coconut ‘kefir’, which I like to serve over fresh fruit or, when I’m too busy, I simply enjoy them as they are. I buy a kefir powdered culture (it comes in sachets – at good health food stores) and whiz together 1 fresh (drinking) coconut (make sure it’s beautiful and fresh, no brown bits!) with its water and pulp with 1 dessertspoon of chia seeds, adding one sachet of probiotic kefir goodness last. I blend lightly to combine, pour into a jar and replace the lid, leaving a few hours or less if it’s a hot day. Then I store in the fridge for when I want it!

I know many of my model friends also supplement their diet with them to reap the beauty benefits of clearer, plumper more hydrated looking skin.  Try fresh coconut water or a smoothie after exercise! They offer the perfect post exercise electrolyte boost – literally a facial for your cells!

So, the vital question: how do you open the jolly things? The worst thing I ever did is hurl them to certain death from my balcony. No matter how fast I ran, I couldn’t make it to the bottom in time to rescue the precious life giving coconut ‘water’! My advice is to hit up YouTube for a little ‘how to open a green coconut’ tutorial. It’s very easy when you know how.

Once opened, you can use green coconuts & the silky soft ‘meat’ as mentioned, but don’t be limited to smoothies alone! Try adding the flesh to a fruit salad, whizzed into raw ice creams  (frozen fruit, coconut pulp, soaked chia seeds + food processor) or even scooped into Thai-style raw food dishes and green drinks. Once when working in Bali I tried a raw fish meal which was served in a green coconut, the coconut meat was still inside and the water was part of the tasty marinade. It was so good!

Whatever you do, don’t be put off by the fat content of coconuts. I personally believe in eating plenty of natural fats for good health. Fats are balancing to your hormones and metabolism and rejuvenating for your skin, nervous system and brain – not to mention the beauty benefits of being supremely anti-aging. Natural high fat foods are superstars in other important nutrients, too, which all work together to keep you skinny and stop you craving other evil fatty things!! Yay for our bottoms.

Love & extra good health to you!

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