best tools for better posture

A house won’t last when it’s built on a crooked foundation. Likewise, our bodies operate best when they’re long, strong and upright. Good posture isn’t just about looking confident – it’s essential for overall health and longevity. Reversing chronic slouching creates space to take deep, healing breaths that boost energy and facilitate balance. It relieves pressure from your joints and helps your supportive muscles relax. These tools for better posture will get you there.

Tech neck won’t undo itself. Building better posture requires training and consistency, and that’s easy to achieve when we have discreet little toys to help us out throughout the day. From a streamlined brace you can wear under clothes to a tiny piece of tech that will let you know when you need to adjust, here are some cool tools we’re loving lately…

BackEmbrace | This sleek little posture harness gently pulls your shoulders back into proper alignment, allowing your core muscles to step up and do the real work – as they should. The brace corrects posture instantly — whether you’re walking, standing, driving or lounging — and over time, helps train your muscles so you can stand straight on your own. CHECK OUT

tools for better posture foam rollerLoRox Foam Roller | Fascia is a think layer of connective tissue that lies under the skin and wraps every muscle. When it’s healthy, fascia is smooth and flexible — but when we’re habitually engaged in bad posture practices, the fascia becomes tight and knotted and can cause bad posture to worsen. Using a foam roller, like this one designed by alignment expert Lauren Roxburgh, is an amazing way to work out the kins and allow your body to fall into a more aligned position. Rolling your body out for a few minutes every day can help improve posture dramatically. Pair this practice with any of the other tools on this list to see even better results, sooner. CHECK OUT

best tools for better postureUpright Go Posture Trainer | This cute piece of tech sticks to your back and monitors your posture in a totally modern and discreet way. The device buzzes when you’re out of alignment, prompting you to adjust your posture. It connects to an app that measures how many degrees you’re bent forward (and illustrates it for easy understanding) and offers personalized programs to help train for better posture. The app can guide you through a posture training session where you have to keep your best posture for a few minutes at a time. It also tracks your natural posture throughout the day. CHECK OUT

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