Gelcream is a vibe and we’re all about it. The Instagram account run by Yana Sheptovetskaya, a former editor at Vogue Russia, is dedicated to honest reviews of beauty products. It has an unmistakable aesthetic — including a product-holding hand that’s as close to flawless as a human hand can get.

Yana shares her favorite products on the gram, a practice that started as a personal beauty diary and then exploded into a phenomenon. Now recognized throughout the online beauty community, Yana’s hands have become iconic in their own way. We did a little sleuthing to discover Yana’s secrets for getting those digits in tip-top shape and here’s what we found…

Gelcream nailpolish removerGelcream’s 7 Step Routine For Gorgeous Hands

Remove Polish gently Out with the old. her Yana’s first step to primping her Insta-worthy hands is to reach for a nourishing nail polish remover she once told Into The Gloss. She mentions that her favorite is from OZN which is vegan and free of harsh chemicals.  “It has almost no smell and is very oily and moisturizing. I don’t want to apply anything on my nails after I use it, which is an awesome result for a nail polish remover”. We love this natural, bamboo and ginger one from Kure Bazaar too. CHECK OUT

Gelcream exfoliantExfoliate regularlyWe don’t always think of exfoliation when it comes to handcare, but Gelcream recommends using your fave manual (as opposed to chemical) facial scrub on your hands from time to time. This clears away dry, dull skin and helps creams and oils absorb more deeply. CHECK OUT

Gelcream nail bufferbuff like mad |  Gelcream shared to British Vogue that she gets a pro mani once a month. During the weeks between appointments, she maintains the shape of her nails with a four-side file. “I always finish up shaping with downwards movements towards the edge of nail to seal the layers. Then I spend 10 to 15 seconds per nail buffing. It will smooth ridges, clean the surface before the nail polish application and it gives an instant finished look to the nail.” CHECK OUT 

Gelcream cuticle pusheroil + Push Back | Well-maintained cuticles are the secret sauce to Gelcream’s highly-photogernic digits. In her interview with Vogue, she divulged her addiction to using a cuticle pusher daily. “I prefer silicone to metal as it’s more gentle and feels nicer. I apply either oil or cuticle softener before, depending upon how hard my cuticle is.” She also mentioned that she likes to avoid using any sharp and cutting objects on her cuticles unless it’s absolutely necessary to trim. She told Into The Gloss, “Dr. Haushka is an upgrade: a pusher with oil! I love carrying it with me, that’s how good it is. The old-school pusher with oil gives a better result than either on their own.” CHECK OUT

Gelcream cuticle oilface oil for nails Hydration is key to gorgeous hands and nails. Gelcream keeps it fancy and uses the same oil she applies to her face and body for her cuticles. “Currently, F.Miller Face Oil is my favorite; I try to apply it daily and massage it well. I keep a bottle by my work desk to never forget,” she shared with Into The Gloss. CHECK OUT

Gelcream hand creamspf Hand Cream | Gelcream isn’t picky about her hand creams — she reviews and rotates through a ton on the reg. She’s admitted that anything she loves putting on her face and body works well for her hands. She prefers to reach for one with SPF for added protection in addition to deep hydration — and pairs it with internal hydration efforts for maximum results. “Fun fact: The more water I drink, the less creams and oils I use.” CHECK OUT

Gelcream topcoatPolish Up, but take breaks | The finishing touch. Well-tended to hands look gorgeous with just a brush of top coat, but adding a pop of color adds a little extra style and sophistication. She dished on her faves to Vogue. “I love using nail polish, but always keep my nails polish-free for one week per month. If I am using good-quality nail polish (7- or 10-free ones) I skip the base layer step and put one or two layers of polish [followed by top coat]. I like Smith & Cult for top and base coats.” CHECK OUT

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