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We love Stacy Stowers, Raw Nanny to many happy families around the country. Stacy travels the states staying with families for a week at a time to teach  them a thing or two about making raw foods! Here, Stacy is sharing with us one of the cutest family members who benefited from her recent California tour. This is Victoria making her favorite raw recipe, Banana Pizza – or as kids love to call it, “Banana Roadkill”! This recipe makes a fun summer treat, even if you don’t have kids to share it with! Here’s Stacy:

I created “Banana Road Kill” with the help of my little brother. He’s 43 now. As a kid, Richie always liked the “gross”, and it seems to cross the generations with little boys and a lot of little girls. The only ones a little squeamish about the name of this treat are parents. If you would like to change the name, you are free to go with a few of my parental suggestions… “Madagascar Banana Bark”, “Banana Pizza” or “Banana Foster”, since the taste has been likened to a well known ice cream treat called “Banana’s Foster”.

Banana Road Kill is what happens when two bananas don’t look both ways when they cross the road. Kids have so much fun getting involved and in the end you get a yummy ice cream delight. The hardest part is waiting for it to freeze. A little practice in patience is required here. Let’s get started!


Serves 1-2


2 ripe bananas
Drizzle of honey, to taste
Dash of cinnamon, to taste
Walnuts, to taste


1. Place down a good 20 inches of plastic wrap onto a hard surface. This could get messy. Peel and lay two ripe bananas onto one side of the plastic wrap. Fold plastic over the bananas.

2. Next, mash the bananas into a round banana pancake between the plastic. This is what happens when bananas don’t look both ways when they are crossing the road.

3. Open the plastic wrap and drizzle on the honey. This is the banana blood.

4. Next sprinkle on your cinnamon or what I like to call, your dirt. Push in pieces of walnuts for your gravel. If you want to get really gross, drop in some strawberries for some guts!

5. Freeze.


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