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Earlier this week we attended an advance screening of The goop Lab, goop’s brand new Netflix series. The series launch has been rumored to be tinged with a bit of controversy, like so many things that come out of goop HQ. In a packed screening room with many of our friends in wellness, we sat captivated by the premiere episode, “The Pleasure Is Ours.” Here’s what you should know…

What it is: The new Netflix series, the goop Lab is being introduced with an episode on female sexuality that will make you blush. The Pleasure Is Ours,” intimately explores female pleasure, vulnerability, self-acceptance and empowerment. Hosted by Paltrow and goop’s Chief Content Officer, Elise Loehnen, the six-episode TV series is a revelatory look at “the boundary-pushing theories that can transform our mental, physical and emotional wellness”.

What to know: While the show seems to strategically lean in to goop’s ‘controversial’ point of view, the topic of female sexuality was explored in a way that made us think big time. This episode raises many important questions about the way we approach female sexuality — literally, every angle — some you’ll be shocked to see. This first thirty-minutes is not for the faint of heart — expect to see things you’ve never seen on television before. Although the reviews are bound to include quite a bit of negativity, we hope the longer conversation will simmer down into some positive forward motion for women’s health in the near future.

Where to find: The goop Lab will launch on Netflix on January 24. Catch thirty-minute episode delving into topical issues from female sexual pleasure to longevity to the healing power of psychedelics. Peep the trailer here.

goop lab sex episode
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