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MEET Danielle Beinstein, a Los Angeles-based psychological and intuitive astrologer whose unique take on transformational work has us fired up.  Here’s why: Danielle’s work is a mix of spiritual psychology, astrology, inner-child healing and mindfulness. This is the kind of deep-dive we can get behind – a hybrid of disciplines all in service of helping us navigate the human experience. Yes, please…

Beinstein will begin sharing new monthly full moon readings next month, but first we wanted you to get to know her here. With  January 24’s New Moon in Aquarius, Danielle will begin sharing insight and guidance detailing how we can use the full moon to facilitate clarity and growth. Meet Danielle, along with a few of her favorite things below…

MY BUSINESS + CRAFT: Psychological + Intuitive Astrologer

HOW I START MY DAY: With a cuddle with my guy and a cup of tea.

NORMALLY SIPPING ON: Oolong tea or herbal infusions.

MY TAKE ON ASTROLOGY IN A NUTSHELL: We’re all imbued with a unique energy, and our journey is one of discovery, of expressing said energy, accepting and celebrating the truth of who we are.

THREE WORDS TO DESCRIBE A SESSION WITH ME: Insight, clarity, acceptance.


DAILY UNIFORM THIS WINTER: Levis, James Perse Tee and Jenni Kayne Fisherman Sweater.

MY WELLNESS OBSESSION LATELY: Magnesi-OM by Moon Juice, Mineral Alchemy by La Abeja Herbs, and sunset walks.

KEY ASTRO PREDICTIONS FOR THE NEW DECADE: New paradigm for success and fulfillment, and the limits of technology with a shift in the global financial structure (especially as relates to farming, food and sustainability).

RECOMMENDED READING ON THE TOPIC: On the planets and houses: Dana Gerhardt’s articles.

HOME ITEMS THAT GROUND + INSPIRE ME: My couch, weighted blanket and anything with an earthy smell—candles, incense, tinctures and, of course, my books.

BIGGEST MISCONCEPTIONS ABOUT ASTROLOGY: That our destiny is etched in stone.

BETWEEN CLIENTS, I ALWAYS: Boil more water for tea, prayer and infusions, and wash my hands to clear the energy of the last client.

MY IDEA OF SELF-CARE INCLUDES: Listening to the heart and not being afraid to follow it.

Join Dani tomorrow on our homepage to learn everything you should know about Friday’s New Moon…

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