the detox market new york flagship store

The Detox Market has just opened its first New York City location and it could quickly become the biggest green beauty destination in the city.

After relying on The Detox Market here in L.A. for years, we’re excited – and just a bit jealous – for New Yorkers to get prime access to three stories of non-toxic skincare, makeup and other self-care essentials. Here are all the deets…

the detox market new york flagship store interior

The Detox Market New York is settled in a crazy prime location on Houston and Elizabeth, filling an entire building with two stories of beauty, including event space, educational areas and a rooftop. The space is laid out like a well-appointed NYC apartment – bookshelves stuffed with wellness reads and all.

The first level is reserved for all the retail goodness we’ve come to love the green beauty retailer for – a well-curated collection of clean brands and responsibly-made products.

The second level is reserved for private events (check out a few of our faves) and workshops. Designed with private areas for treatments and one-on-one consultations, expect to have all your non-toxic beauty Qs fully resolved in this space. Natural beauty is a complex world – we think it’s smart that the retailer has designed education right into their retail space.

Above it all, the rooftop adds a bit of glam  – an element that, believe it or not, wasn’t too high on the priority list in natural beauty just a few short years ago.

We’re excited for The Detox Market’s new location – it takes the green beauty community just one step further to reach a whole new demo of NYC beauty-lovers.

Alongside cult-favorite best-selling brands such as Odacité, RMS Beauty, Tata Harper, Kjaer Weis, and May Lindstrom, The Detox Market New York will also offer indie NYC favorites like EiR NYC, Meow Meow Tweet, and Lurk Made.

the detox market new york flagship store exterior

We caught up with The Detox Market’s CEO, Romain Gaillard to chat about the details. “In terms of design, we spent an insane amount of time and love to create a unique experience. Our goal was to have a cozy and intimate space,” said Romain. “My vision was to create an environment where we could gather our community around workshops, events, and parties. Patience paid off because we found the perfect spot for The Detox Market New York.”

the detox market new york founder romain

The Detox Market was one of the earliest retailers to specialize in curating the best in green beauty and we share their mission for less toxic beauty routines for women everywhere.

We’ve been showing up in their stores for workshops and panels for years and can’t wait to see all the good their new location is going to bring the Big Apple. Have you stopped by the new shop yet? We want to know what our NYC readers think of the new space…

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