planters for small spaces

Embrace your crazy plant lady predilections and make room for more greenery wherever it’ll fit. We’ve gathered up a stylish collection of planters for small spaces. Whether you’re short on space or have already packed the place with greens but need an excuse to take it to the next level – this shopping story is for you….

Hanging Brass Ring Planter | We added this to The Shop a few years back and still have a soft spot for the modern little gem. This hanging beauty is perfect for tucking style into small spaces. Delicate and geometric, the super contemporary design could bring an instant style upgrade to a lackluster corner. CHECK OUT

Round Hanging Wall Vase | Another interesting solution for wall-mounted plants, this modern meets rustic planter is lightweight and high-impact. It’s the perfect piece to fill an awkwardly empty wall, inside or outside. CHECK OUT
Kai Metal Bent Planter | Out of floor space? Don’t forget the walls! This mini wall-mounted planter allows you to hang your plants anywhere, not just where there’s light or spare surface space. Get just one – or buy in bulk and cover a full wall! CHECK OUT
Hanging ceramic Planter | Smash your ceramics and plant obsessions together with one small purchase. Low-key and retro or modern – depending on how you style it – we love this cloudy, neutral design indoors or out. CHECK OUT
Ira Hanging Planter | Looking for a macrame moment? The natural texture of this boho planter will mess things up just right to bring some life to a space that’s too pristine. It also lifts plant babies up to the light and frees up surface space for you. Learn how to make your own macrame planter here. CHECK OUT

Vertical Gro System | Make your urban farm dreams a reality – even on a small balcony. This compact vertical planter works on it’s own as a tiny vertical garden or can be used to line larger garden spaces to maximize green space. Accompanying planters can be hung at any height and are lined with reusable planter boxes. CHECK OUT

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