The All-Organic Secret To Beautiful Hair

If you’re anything like us, you’re always on the hunt for the best hair products to get your locks looking good and feeling healthy. Luckily, the search is over, thanks to our friends over at Phylia de M. Created by LA locals and eternally cool girls Kazu Namise and Kidada Jones, this awesome line of shampoo, conditioner and treatments not only clean away impurities and buildup that can leave hair looking dull, but their special formula of aloe, tannic acids and super-charged fulvic acid (all grown in their private, organic garden) nourishes your hair from root to tip. It’s a super-luxe line of essentials that actually works to make your hair thicker, healthier and more voluminous. You’ll see results right away – we did! Plus, you can use the products on your cuticles and brows and even dry skin for an all-natural keratin boost.

But you don’t have to take our word for it, because we’re giving away a Phylia de M. 3-step kit. That includes a Neroli orange blossom Clean Shampoo, a bottle of Conditioner that makes your hair silky (and is perfect for an overnight leave-in treatment) and a bottle of Connect, the spray that will really make your scalp feel healthier and encourage follicle growth. Here’s how you win it: Just tell us in the comments of this story what your best beauty trick is and the answer that has us “ah-ha”-ing the most will win!

Phylia De M., $30 and up, is available online and at The Andy LeCompte Salon and Satine Boutine.

And one more bit of good news for the hair and health obsessed: Kazu Namise, the co-founder and brain trust behind Phylia de M. is going to be writing a column for us all about her experience in organic hair care and the benefits of Fulvic acid, so make sure you check back in here for her next article!

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  1. Dull, lifeless hair is a sign of a poor diet. Try cutting down on cholesterol and fats and notice what a difference it will make.

    erica pruse | 02.06.2012 | Reply
  2. apply honey to your hair to give it that silky shiny look

    alice | 02.06.2012 | Reply
  3. I turn the water to cold for the last couple minutes of my shower, and this trick leaves my hair looking vibrant, silky, and healthy!

  4. Didn’t have time to eat your bananas or avocados… instead of throwing them away, use them in a hair mask! Mix with some coconut oil and a little bit of honey. Jump in the shower and let the steam help the mask penetrate…you will have beautiful, manageable, shiny hair (and use up some past due groceries!).

    Rachel | 02.06.2012 | Reply
  5. I only wash my hair 1-2x/week. With good shampoo and conditioner–like Phylia de M.–my hair stays well-nourished and healthy!

    Krissy | 02.06.2012 | Reply
  6. i eat well. green, leafy. & try adding biotin, omega3s and prenatal vitamins to my diet. i use a resin comb on my natural hair fro. i oil it with kesari, jasmine and coconut oils and shea butters. i treat myself well. i try not comparing myself to beyonce…

    kesh | 02.06.2012 | Reply
  7. Pregnancy worked best for me! If only I could replicate that exact hormonal balance again. 🙂

    Erin | 02.06.2012 | Reply
  8. My best beauty trick comes straight from my cupboard! Sugar + olive oil: Mix together equal parts for a natural body/facial scrub. Nothing like a little exfoliation to keep your skin soft & glowing!!

    Kimberlee | 02.06.2012 | Reply
  9. My best trick for my hair that doesn’t cost me any money is to makes sure that I never twist my hair into a towel after a shower, instead I just pat it dry to keep from causing any breakage. I also don’t blow dry my hair with my head upside down, which also causes breakage. And I try to keep blow drying to only 2 days a week, the rest of the time I wash my hair at night and let it air dry while I sleep.

    Samantha | 02.06.2012 | Reply
  10. With the economic rut I have been stuck in as of late…..wait for it……I haven’t had a professional haircut in two years. My dye jobs and hair cuts are all DIY. Much to the fear of my loved ones, I figured out that I actually enjoy it, and the results are always, well, a SURPRISE!

    Macy Madison | 02.06.2012 | Reply
  11. best hair trick? stop fighting it! … let the natural curl happen and smooth the ends with a little conditioner or lotion.

    anne | 02.06.2012 | Reply
  12. I use baby lotion to take off my make-up. It’s cheap, it’s gentle, and it works!

  13. My best a-ha beauty realization was the need to embrace oil. I had such trouble with breakouts and oily hair during my high school (and into college) years, that I was using an arsenal of oil-controlling products. Little did I know, they were only making my problem worse.
    My first breakthrough was using an olive oil facial soap. The improvements were obvious and fast. I’ve since changed almost every product I have to stuff that embraces natural oils, including gentler shampoos and oil-blend moisturizers. My absolute favorite is Skin & Bones. My skin has stopped freaking out and I only wash my hair 2x/week.
    Oh, and there’s no shortcut for taking care of your body with nutrition, exercise, sleep and lots of water.

    Tara Aes | 02.06.2012 | Reply
  14. I use olive oil as eye makeup remover!

    Krista | 02.06.2012 | Reply
  15. Apple cider vinegar and lemon juice can’t be beat for giving your hair a beautiful shine. Keep your washing limited to a couple times per week. I use home made goat milk soap for my shampoo most of the time!

    Jessica | 02.06.2012 | Reply
  16. The moment I wake up I think of the things I am most grateful for, pray and thank God for another wonderful day to be alive, remember my own divine nature and individual worth, and put on a smile. Then I drink 2 large glasses of water, run 3 miles (listening to the scriptures), swim for 45 minutes and have every meal organic and as raw as possible.

    Roberta | 02.06.2012 | Reply
  17. My natural face wash is 2 parts castor oil to one part olive oil. You rub it in, use a hot wash cloth to steam out the impurities and wipe the oil off of your face. It leaves it clean, free of makeup and nicely moisturized. What I like is you can alter this concoction for your specific needs. If you need more moisture, you put in more olive and if you fighting a break out use more castor oil. Plus it’s gentle enough to use daily or great for once a week facial at home.

    Sarah | 02.06.2012 | Reply
  18. I do mayo hair masks that make my hair so shiny and soft. Sometimes I mix in olive oil and shae butter. This makes my hair look fantastic!

    niki | 02.06.2012 | Reply
  19. My best beauty trick comes straight from the kitchen. Cut a strawberry lengthwise and gently massage the cut side over the skin on the face. Let it sit for a few minutes and then rinse. The acids in the strawberry exfoliate the skin and give it a beautiful glow!

    Donna F. | 02.06.2012 | Reply
  20. My best beauty trick is milk baths. Milk has lactic acid so it exfoliates at the same time that it moisturizes the skin. Cleopatra is rumored to have taken milk baths.

    Adele | 02.06.2012 | Reply
  21. Organic olive oil is the best and simplest eye makeup remover. Prevents wrinkles too!

    Tasha | 02.06.2012 | Reply
  22. Once or twice a week I use jojoba oil with rosemary essential oil on my hair. I rub it into my hair and massage it into my scalp. I leave it on for an hour and then wash it. It leaves my hair shiny and smooth.

    Allacyn | 02.07.2012 | Reply
  23. My best beauty trick would be to always wear a moisturizer or body lotion with SPF. When I was younger, I didn’t know to use a moisturizer or body lotion with SPF. It caused damage on my skin. Now that I am an adult, I make sure my moisturizer and body lotion have SPF.

    Corina | 02.08.2012 | Reply
  24. It’s all about chicken feet and Phylia Connect, if you ask me!

    Natalie | 02.09.2012 | Reply
  25. I was recently diagnosed with eczema on my face and was using a steroid cream to combat it. That scared me, but I found out about Aquaphor, which is similar to vaseline. I now use this on my face nightly. Not only has it cleared up my eczema (without the use of steroid creams!), but it has made my face super moisturized and incredibly smooth. All the little bumps and dry spots are gone. This stuff is also great at keeping my lips moisturized in the winter and gives your legs a nice sheen if applied lightly on legs too. Best stuff ever! And cheap!

    Jackie | 02.09.2012 | Reply
  26. I like to whip an egg white till foamy and use it as a mask. It helps tighten up my pores, and makes my face radient after washing it off.

    Mira Khare | 02.22.2012 | Reply
  27. My best beauty trick is taking naps. I’ve taken naps for as long as I can remember. People mistake me for being 10 years younger.

    mare | 02.27.2012 | Reply
  28. The juice of one freshly squeezed organic lemon in a glass of water every morning, before breakfast to alkalize my body. Argan and Moringa oil to cleanse my face, and also to moisturize my face (zaps zits in no time) and my body. But above all; keeping a positive attitude and telling myself while looking in the mirror ‘You are beautiful’.

    Henriette | 03.12.2012 | Reply
  29. My biggest beauty secret is… the holistic approach! Probiotics, and a good cod liver oil (like Green Pastures fermented cod liver oil & butter blend) will do great things for you.

    Cod liver oil is amazing for keeping hair and skin nourished, and can even prevent cancer!
    Probiotics keep bodily yeast and bacteria levels in check, which will help in keeping skin clear and beautiful, and your organs working properly.

    A healthy body is a beautiful body!

    Ashley Michèlle | 03.14.2012 | Reply
  30. Nowadays it’s a given to make sure you apply sunscreen to your face and neck every day, but the only other forgotten body parts that get just as much sun damage are the backs of your hands. In our modern glove-less times, your hands are the next dead giveaway to the signs of aging; for a minimal cost, you can keep them looking younger by spreading a little sunscreen on these areas, thereby avoiding premature wrinkling and those pesky old lady ‘liver spots.’

    VBarkley | 03.21.2012 | Reply
  31. MSM I take it as a supplment each day. I noticed my hair was thinning. Yikes! So I did some research and found that it (MSM) is a natural accruing sulfur in the body. But let’s face it… With the way food is being produce today a carrot has only a Quarter the nutrient’s that it had in 1950.. So shall I say replenish is a must? Msm reversed my hair problem I swear by it.

    Jeanneie | 04.24.2012 | Reply
  32. Brush your hair gently in the evening to get the blood flowing and then smooth in Argan Oil into the ends. You’ll wake up to very shiny hair.

    Brenda Stein | 07.24.2012 | Reply
  33. Take 1/2 cup (depending on hair length and volume) of good cooking olive oil or avacado oil
    Heat a pot over the stove on low (with a little bit of water in the bottom) when the water steams off turn off the stove Pour oil into the pot stir quickly and let it sit for a little less than a minute
    Transfer the oil into a cup then go to a sink or tub
    Careful pour into your hair use plastic comb to make sure it goes through evenly
    Have cheap shower cap on hand, tuck hair away and let the oil sit for as long as possible but at least an hour…. then shower as you normally would but skip conditioner.
    Hair will look much healthier and shiny and it lasts for up to a month!!

    Sofia A | 08.23.2012 | Reply
  34. My best beauty tip to looking younger is facial oil by Pinks Boutique , i am 46 but say i look like someone who is in her late 20’s, hows that for looking 10 years plus younger 🙂

    Bharti | 10.01.2012 | Reply
  35. Hanging out my children and soaking in their energy and purity helps me feel alive and keeps me young!

    anna | 12.12.2012 | Reply
  36. My best beauty trick is massaging olive oil, coconut oil and honey into my hair strands and roots, prior to washing. It makes my hair soft and manageable.

    Lorilee | 12.27.2012 | Reply
  37. Waking up and thanking my higher power for another day to smile, run, and laugh with my three little kiddos and beautiful husband…. Then washing my face every morning and after using fresh lemon juice mixed with sugar on my face to fade away brown spots leaving a healthy glow! Then the SPF

    Josie | 01.15.2013 | Reply
    • What a great way to start off the morning, Josie!

      The Chalkboard | 01.16.2013 | Reply
  38. My 3 tips:
    – apple cider vinegar rinse: post shampoo,mix some ACV with water and rinse your hair. The result- softness+shine.
    – for natural highlights: spray a mixture of water and lemon juice onto hair before going out into the sun ( don’t do on a daily basis,as it can be a bit drying); chamomile infusion (from dried chamomile) also works well,but on naturally light hair.
    – for dandruff: rub into scalp some ACV prior to shampooing.

  39. Cut a six inch cylinder out of an old– but clean– pair of pantyhose and tie one end. Put a few scoops of rolled oats in the tube and tie off the other end. Put it into a bath with your favorite scents, add some organic milk, and even a little honey if you feel really indulgent. As bath fills the oat milk will be released and add a wonderfully soothing skin treatment. As you sit in the bath, you can squeeze the oat ball every once in a while to release more oat milk, and even rub it on your body as a gentle exfoliator!!

    Katherine | 04.28.2013 | Reply
  40. The shine of the hair comes from inside, as the follicle feeds the hair. DNA makes your hair look the way it does, products can ad shine, reduce dryness. Your mental state has a lot of influence on the way the hair grows from within the follicle. Stress can cause hormones to disrupt the growth DHT and make it look brittle. My recipe for the best hair you can get: a view deep breaths, 5-10 minutes of meditation and/ or a 30 min brisk walk in nature, at least 3 smiles a day, 10 sun salutations, cold shower (if possible) Vit B12, B1, B2, a little bit of sunlight and many warm thoughts – for all of you

    rose | 07.22.2013 | Reply
  41. Coconut oil as leave in deep condition at night. Mens mustache color for eyebrow tint.

    karen | 08.15.2013 | Reply
  42. I use Witch Hazel to tighten and tone around the eyes. It is gentle, affordable and indispensible.

    Anita | 09.22.2013 | Reply
  43. Smile, be your very best charming self, know your own charm – mix it with kindness and see what happens.

    marie | 09.24.2013 | Reply
  44. Smile – be your very best charming self – be aware of your own charm and mix it with kindness and see what happens.

    marie | 09.24.2013 | Reply
  45. 1. question the lighting in your bathroom. warm it up and no overhead light shining down on you to give you monster shadow face. your first reflection of the morning wont be so harsh and that “i look pretty good” feeling sticks with you all day. confidence is beauty.
    2. get low lights under your highlights- this gives the hair the illusion of depth and the illusion of much fuller hair.
    beauty is an illusion.

    lisa | 10.23.2013 | Reply
  46. a great grandmother and a grandmother, from the philippines who passed away both @ over a hundred years old, with waist length, full set of blck/gray hair passed on a great secret, which unfortunately, with the way we live in the US, is a little hard to stick to: soaking and wringing the milk out of shredded mature coconut , boil slowly in a pan, until the oil separates from the milk sediments. cool off to applicable temperature and apply in hair, overnight once a month. that and smoking a big fat roll of unprocessed full-leaf tobacco daily may not have hurt either! 🙂

    emee olarte | 10.28.2013 | Reply
    • Fascinating, Emee – thanks for sharing!

      The Chalkboard | 10.28.2013 | Reply
  47. Finding out about Phylia De M products which gave my dull hair back life and making me a much happier person; no more tears when trying to style my broken dead hair.

    Kathi Spaner | 05.26.2014 | Reply
  48. I have very fine, fragile hair that tends to split and break. The night before I plan to wash in the morning, I melt a little coconut oil in the microwave and add some avacado oil, warm the whole thing up, and put it mid length to ends. Wrap it up in an old t-shirt, and sleep. Makes a world of difference. BTW, have tried Phylia products and they’re terrific.

  49. You are right, I am one of those who are constantly in search of the best remedy for the scalp and healthy hair. Also, I often look for new hair loss remedies for my husband. Articles like yours and blogs like https://morr-f.com/ help us find new opportunities to make our hair the best

    Emeli | 02.19.2020 | Reply

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