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If Thanksgiving festivities have you less ‘thankful’ and more ‘gonna take out a sibling,’ you’re certainly not alone — holiday angst is as much a tradition as turkey is. But that doesn’t mean you have to tough it out until the tryptophan kicks in. All you need is a few great CBD products.

A year ago, if we had suggested that you crack out a cannabis-infused salad dressing at dinner with your fam, you might have just clicked away. But the recent rise in the popularity of CBD — the healing, non-psychoactive component of cannabis — has made it an accessible, and socially acceptable resource for reducing stress and feeling better all around. We can’t think of a better time to dabble, gift or both than this holiday season!

From honey to olive oil, tinctures to tonics, we’re sharing the ultimate ways to integrate a little CBD into your Thanksgiving festivities. Learn a little, take what you want and enjoy your most-chill holiday season yet…

CAP Beauty Daily Hit | One of our favorite new products to come out this year is this CBD oil. The Daily Hit includes a unique blend of  adaptogens such as reishi, schisandra, mucuna pruriens and astragalus. One of our favorite ways to use it is in a simple salad dressing. Learn how to make it here: READ MORE

CBD vegan brownies | This magical recipe is a collab between two of our fave wellness brands: vegan resto mini-empire By CHLOE and NYC’s clean green beauty haven, CAP Beauty. The duo joined forces to create the ultimate plant-based chocolate treat using CAP’s adaptogenic CBD oil, The Daily Hit — and we’re sharing the exclusive (non-intoxicating) recipe for these CBD brownies here: READ MORE

Vireo cannabis infused olive oil | Vireo is a modern gourmet culinary brand making it easy to integrate the benefits of cannabis into home use. Formulated by renowned Chef Luke Reyes and a team of cannabis experts, each suggested serving is “infused with just the right amount of CBD and THC, to ensure a pleasant, functional, low-dose experience.” This rich, responsibly sourced olive oil can be drizzled over anything for an instant hit of calm. Check their site for a few inventive recipes to try. CHECK OUT

CBD appetizers | When we asked Hollywood’s top plant-based caterers, Haute Chefs LA, to handle the food for our recent CBD-themed party, we knew they’d rock it. Their CBD-infused menu outdid our expectations, including lavender blueberry crostini with ricotta, thyme and honey; turmeric sweet potato chips; and grilled aubergine rolls with chamomile feta, basil and pine nuts — all infused with a few milligrams of CBD, which was a perfect amount to have us feeling sated, stress-free and grounded Get a taste of what our guests nibbled on here: READ MORE 

Gaia Calm ASAP |  There is no cannabis in these capsules, but they’ll get the job done. Recently launched by one of our favorite and most-trusted herbal supplement brands, Gaia, this powerful blend of calming botanical ingredients is like all-natural xanax. CHECK OUT

juna CBD nude Tincture | One of the fastest and most efficient ways to get your CBD on is with a simple tincture. Simply drop it under your tongue and let it sit and soak in. Within minutes you’ll feel washed with a sense of ease, and notice a significant softening of any stress or anxiety. This one from Juna has a mild flavor and absolutely no THC — meaning you won’t feel any sense of intoxication.



Dosist Calm pen | This chic little pen is perfect for microdosing. It measures out a very controlled amount of CBD vapor, and vibrates to let you know when you’ve had a full hit. You can feel the effects instantly, but climb up that ladder of calm slowly and with control. Take a little sip when you’re feeling stress and anxiety creeping its way in, follow up with a few deep breaths and bask in your new state of calm. It also makes an excellent, and widely well-recieved, holioday gift.  CHECK OUT

B Chill CBD Honey | This CBD-infused honey from Beekeeper’s Naturals is A soothing blend of nourishing raw honey and high potency hemp oil. Beekeeper’s Naturals B.Chill is a synergistic blend of three ingredients – honey, hemp oil, and MCT oil – to create a masterful blend with major benefits.

honey pot THC Honey | CBD doesn’t require THC — the intoxicating component of cannabis — to deliver results, but a bit of it does help to maximize the healing power of CBD. If you’re feeling a little more adventurous, give this cannabis-infused honey a shot. There isn’t too much THC, so a little bit of honey won’t send you over the edge — expect more of a calm, peaceful buzz, like what you’d get from a glass of Chianti. If you’re not used to THC, however, we recommend starting with a CBD-only blend and seeing how you feel before branching out. CHECK OUT

The Now peppermint CBD BALM | CBD can be absorbed topically as well as internally (or do both for a double effect).This pretty CBD product is brand new — launching today! — and comes from our favorite local massage boutique, The NOW. Handmade in LA with stress-busting ingredients such as peppermint, apricot and coconut oil, the balm also features full-spectrum, hemp-derived CBD. Feeling a stress headache come on? Rub some of this magic balm anywhere you’re feeling tension. Available at all four boutiques or by calling 310.730.9074

Discover more of our favorite CBD products for head-to-toe use here.

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