Here’s a recipe: take 5 girls, throw them all into the same house and deprive them of cocktails, french fries, fast food and chocolate.  Blend til thoroughly whipped.  That’s the idea cooked up by these 5 friends.  One month, one house – raw food ONLY.  It’s only natural that we would be curious to see what the outcome of this great experiment would be and we’re sharing an inside peek at all these girls are up to with you.

 Get to know The Rawmates!

TCM:  How did the five of you arrive at this idea?

Christina: This idea came about when Ashleigh invited a friend who works as a health consultant over to show her some new raw recipes. Adrian and I were home and had the opportunity to do some taste testing. Ashleigh had been talking to Adrian about making some changes in her lifestyle so cleanses had been discussed.  I mentioned that I felt like it was time for a cleanse for myself, and then Ash was like lets do it – and lets film it.  And I was like, “I’m down.”

Ashleigh: I think by all of us doing it together we’ll be able to make it work in away that we couldn’t alone. Plus when you’ve got four filmmakers living together, the filming thing seems obvious.

TCM:  Did all 5 girls willingly commit or did some of you have to be convinced?

Jenna: Miraculously, none of us were harmed in the making of this documentary. We all decided for ourselves that we wanted to do this. I was one of the last girls to join, and I didn’t feel peer pressure in any way when I agreed to do it. I thought about my current eating habits, and decided it was a good time to test out a healthier option with girls I trusted. Even though I am the farthest you will ever find from a health nut, it was kind of an easy choice for me.

Christina: I felt like it was pretty important to not try to convince anyone to participate.  It’s such a huge commitment and there are going to be a lot of uncomfortable things. I think its that kind of thing where if you don’t make a personal choice to do it, you aren’t going to follow through.

TCM: Were any other ‘diets’ discussed in your plans?  Why raw? 

Jenna: Isn’t raw enough?

Christina: We didn’t discuss other diets.  A raw diet seemed like a clear guideline to follow and I’ve read that a raw diet can be very cleansing. I think the most important thing was that we had a diet that involved lots of vegetables and fruits.  Going raw was just a bigger challenge.

Ashleigh: Go big or go home.

TCM:  What will you miss the most during the month?

Christina:  I will most miss options and the freedom to choose. I can go for a really really really long time without eating anything bad for me, just because I know that if I really wanted something, I could have it.  Just knowing that the option is there is comfort enough.  Now that the option is gone, I think it will be much harder for me.

Maydelle: Burgers. I mean good freshly grilled burgers with bacon and cheese and sauces and good fresh well seasoned meat. I love a good burger.

Jenna: Warm food. Turns out it’s hard to make food warm when you can’t cook it.

TCM:  Which of you will throw the biggest cravings tantrum?

Maydelle: Adrian or Jenna. Most likely Jenna.

Adrian: Jenna or I.

Ashleigh: Definitely Adrian or Jenna.

Christina: Jenna or Maydelle. Especially Jenna. She really likes meat.

Jenna: I think all of us will but for different things!

TCM:  Who will be making all the food this month?  Are one of you the designated  chef or will you take turns?

Christina: We will be taking turns. Everyone has a day of the week they are responsible for making dinner. Ashleigh, Adrian, and I are sharing grocery shopping and juicing responsibilities.

TCM:  What do you expect this experience to change you?

Maydelle: I’m hoping for mainly a physical change. I’m afraid of a mental change. One of my biggest fears is that the old things that I used to like and be satisfied by won’t taste the same. They will be disgusting and I will never enjoy food again. A good dessert is one of the best ways to treat yourself and I’m worried that satisfaction will go away.

Ashleigh: I’m really looking forward to the community of the next month. I hope it does change me. I hope it forces me out of my comfort zone about how I let people in and share life with them. Also, I wish I could fall asleep better and that my skin didn’t hate me.

Adrian: Hopefully, I will come out less addicted to sweets.

TCM:  Do any of you have specific conditions you’re expecting to change?

Christina: I experience mental fogginess, low energy, and occasional skin breakouts, which have gotten worse recently and really need to be addressed since I am an aspiring actress and model.  I find that my mental fogginess gets pretty bad and its hard for me to think through things especially creative things and writing.

Ashleigh: Skin breakouts and insomnia.

TCM:  If you could cheat on just one non-raw food this month what would it be?

Jenna: Chicken Pesto Sandwhich.

Maydelle: Ice Cream Cake, you kill two birds with one stone.

Adrian: Just one? “King Taco” tacos with the red hot sauce, yum. Also, a warm German Chocolate cake with a lil bit of vanilla ice cream on the side… So that would be like the most perfect first meal ever!


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