Yesterday afternoon, I’m working away and my phone rings. It’s Adrian. Now, Adrian is funny because she ALWAYS has her phone with her, it’s pretty much glued to her hand. But for some reason, whenever Christina and I try to get ahold of her, she mysteriously “doesn’t have her phone”. Usually this happens conveniently around times when we need help bringing in groceries.

There I am, looking at my phone and I think, “Maybe I shouldn’t answer.” But I’ve never been good at holding a grudge.

Ashleigh: Hey girl.

Adrian: You’re not going to believe what I did…

At this point her voice cracks a little bit and gets all high pitched like when you’re crying.

Ashleigh: Oh no, what happened?

Maternal instinct kicks in.

Adrian: I was with my friend Kelsey and she made all this food and she was trying to make me eat it and I did. And I just ate all of it.

At this point she dissolves into tears. 

Ashleigh: Honey! It’s okay, it’s fine. That’s not the point of this at all, we just made it into a stupid game but that’s not we’re not doing this to be perfect, please don’t cry!

This is the part where she’s sniffing quietly and I’m about to cry with her. I know how AWFUL it can feel to “mess up” like this. Then she says, her voice all shaky and sad…

Adrian: Ashleigh… April Fool’s!

And then I hung up on her. Clearly, she’s never heard that one about the boy crying wolf. 


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