In Her Closet: Designer Rachel Pally on Femininity + Freaking Out Less

With this new wave of feminism cruising through our culture, we’re loving brands who are celebrating and inclusive of the femme-focused energy. Those qualities are part of what sets LA-based designer, Rachel Pally apart. She has been crafting ethical, locally produced clothing for women since the early 2000s, but her contemporary designs, which embrace women of all sizes and lifestyles, feel more timely than ever before.

Privately owned and operated, with fabrics milled in Los Angeles just down the street from where they’re whipped up into beautiful dresses, jumpsuits and even maternity garb, Rachel Pally’s designs help nourish the local economy as much as they support women, using clothing as a way to feel beautiful, comfortable and fully themselves.

We asked conscious creative, Rachel Pally to join our In Her Closet series, where we explore the philosophies of modern sustainable fashion, and the lifestyles of the people driving change in the industry…

Currently wearing...

White tee, black Rachel Pally Linen Button Front Jumpsuit, brown No.6 Clogs.

My style in three words:

Comfortable. Feminine. Easy.

Best tips for shopping sustainably:

I really try to buy fewer, better things. I would rather invest in one great pair of pants than buy several trendy items that will only last a season. I avoid shopping at fast-fashion stores as much as possible (which is harder for kids’ clothes since they outgrow them so fast!), but I can usually find good deals on locally-made goods online. My friend Chandra Fox has a wonderful website, These Native Goods, which is a directory of goods that are conscientiously manufactured and sourced. She is a great resource!

Recent inspirations:

I have always been inspired by women I know, women I see on the street, women I see in movies, all women! It’s how I have built my brand over the past decade and a half. The new feminist movement has been so inspiring to me – I’m happy to be a part of it!

My style icons:

My maternal grandmother, Doris. She always wore flowers in her hair, denim shirts and flowing linen layers. Total icon. And my paternal grandmother, Anne. She collected textiles and jewelry from her travels around the world – bohemian dream! I also love Joanna Williams of Kneeland Mercado — she isn’t afraid of bold color and print mixing (am!!!), so I always feel inspired to step out of my sartorial comfort zone when I follow her feed.

Go-to uniform/signature look:

My style is all over the place. I’m loving midi skirts and dresses, linen jumpsuits, vintage denim, Kamm pants, feminine gauze floral dresses…

Fave natural/eco materials…

Linen! That’s obviously the theme of this interview… this is my fourth reference to linen in half a page!

My mission in one sentence...

To make women feel beautiful.

Something in my closet I'll own forever...

My mother’s wedding dress. It is a sheer silk dress with birds printed on it. It’s divine.

Style / design trend I'm most excited about...

Comfortable shoes. Flats, mules, block heels, sneakers. I will be happy to never wear a stiletto ever again in my entire life.

Trend I'm excited to see go...

The crazy high-tech drama sneaker. It’s so extreme! Plus I’m 5’5″ and wear a size 10 shoe, so I can’t even imagine what I would look like in those shoes!

Most essential accessory (and how to rock it)...

I’ve been carrying a brown bag from Crescioni Collection. It goes with everything, is chic and a little ladylike but can still go back to jeans and a sweatshirt. I love it so much. I also just used a tiny black bucket bag from Marais for my fall shoot and kept it – it has a matching pair of black kitten heels (my kind of heels!), and I love how they look as a set!

Look that will never go out of style...

White tee and vintage Levis. Printed caftans.

Fave sustainable brands/ designers or resources:

Some of my favorite LA designers are Jesse Kamm, Crescioni Collection, Marais, Sophie Monet Jewelry, Jessica Winzelberg Jewelry and Black Crane.

Current Mantra:

My always mantra: Stop freaking out about things you cannot change; focus on things you can.

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