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What’s your best excuse for canceling a workout class last minute? Evening workouts are incredible for busting the stress that builds up throughout the day – something we realize once our body gets moving – but mustering the will to make it to the studio after work? That’s what requires real stamina.

Here are seven non-caffeinated ways we break out of that afternoon energy slump in time to pop that gym bag into the car (or onto the bike) and get going…

try Rhodiola. | This powerful adaptogen has the ability to reduce fatigue, enhance mental and physical endurance, and promote cognition. The secret is in this ancient root’s ability to oxygenate the blood. Take one or two liquid capsules (we love these from Gaia) or a small dose of the powder (here’s our fave) in water an hour or so before working out for a major boost that’ll make you feel energized without the jitters.

power up on Power Milk. | Power milk is what we call our thinnest superfood smoothies. A glass won’t make you feel overly full but you will feel substantially nourished. We recommend loading yours with clean protein, energizing cacao, adaptogens, and all the green powder your taste buds can handle. Learn how we make ours here.

sip on Bone Broth | Sipping on a cup of bone broth will offer your body a quick and clean dose of protein, vitamins and minerals for a non-caffeinated cup of energy. Bone broth is easy to digest, so it wont hold you back when you’re working out and all those minerals are deeply hydrating. Fresh bone broth is the best, but when you’re in a pinch this powdered version from Dr. Axe will do just fine.

Stay Hydrated. | Be sure to stay hydrated all day long. By the time you’re thirsty your body is working hard to compensate for what it lacks. Drinking tons of water throughout the day keeps energy up, muscles flexible and makes the likelihood of you actually making it to a class about ten-times higher.

Warm it Up. | If you’re feeling sluggish, do a very light and brief cardio sesh to get your blood pumping. This can be anything from foam rolling to rebounding. Still at work? Stretch at your desk, take a quick walk, pack it up and down a flight of stairs and plug in some tunes to start getting in the mood.

Snack Smarter. |  A heavy lunch might slow you down, be mindful about what you eat on workout days. Adding an afternoon snack made with the right ingredients can bring up your energy and take your workout to a whole new level. We love these raw collagen chocolate balls.

Go With Your Gut. | Be sure to get greens, protein and gut-healthy ingredients like fermented foods or prebiotic veggies at lunch. And be sure to take probiotics and or enzymes too, as a big lunch can zap your energy in the afternoon. Consider taking a shot of apple cider vinegar before or after you eat to support digestion and boost metabolism.

What’s your make-it-to-the-gym plan to overcome your afternoon excuses?
Explore our doctor-approved guide to the best and worst workout supplements here.

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