Superfood Spotlight: Ugli Fruit

What You Need To Know: You know what they say: An ugli fruit by any other name would taste just as sweet! This cross between grapefruit, tangerine and orange is one of the most unique fruits on the produce shelf. Although this citrus fruit has a less-than-beautiful name, its gorgeously sweet golden interior makes it a slightly misleading moniker. Its rind might be slightly misshapen, but hey, beauty is more than skin deep!

Why You Should Try It: Feeling under the weather? The ugli fruit is a fun way to pack in your vitamin C, offering up 70% of your daily dose in just one serving. You’ll quell inflammation, destroy free radicals and your entire immune system will thank you! It’s also essential for collagen formation, so everything from your gums to your skin and muscles will thank you for keeping them strong. On top of its vitamin C content, ugli fruit is also rich in fiber, lowering your risk of diabetes as well as keeping your digestive system as fit as can be.

Let’s Get Together: Ugli fruit are popping up in more and more grocery stores and farmer’s markets nationwide. Eat it plain or use it in lieu of grapefruit or oranges in your favorite recipe. Ugli citrus salad with pomegranate and mint? Yes, please!

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