14 Fitness Blogs To Bookmark Now: Summer Edition

Our first round-up was so popular, we’re doing it again! Looking to shape up as summer winds down? Check out these 14 fitness blogs we adore for some major perspiration inspiration!

Our Top 14 Fitness Blogs To Bookmark This Summer…

Run To The Finish

We love a good run, and so does Amanda of Run To The Finish. With recipes, workouts and race resources, we run to her blog weekly! 

Physique 57

This blog of the workout popular with stars such as Kelly Ripa and Zooey Descanel offers up challenges, tips, and real-life stories to complement their already stellar program. We want to book our class now. 

Beyond Gym Walls

Beyond Gym Walls reminds us that it’s not about having a gym membership or fancy exercise equipment: it’s about working with what you’ve got and making the workout happen. No matter where you are or what your body type is, learn how to fit in fitness anywhere.

Athleta Chi

Some of us are just now discovering Athleta’s fitnesswear, but the brand has a full-on fitness blog to boot! Athleta’s Chi blog covers all things fitness – and we mean everything! Learn about kettleball workouts for tweens, watch video tutorials on chi gong or get a training plan for your next running jag!

Girl Heroes

We don’t know how, but Jenn does it all: she’s a wife, mom, personal trainer, blogger and bona-fide life lover. On her site Girl Heros, she shares her favorite workouts, a heavy dose of motivation, and her own personal “Girl Heros:” women from around the globe who inspire others to lead their healthiest life. Jenn, you’re our girl hero.

Prior Fat Girl

Healthiness in an unhealthy word, sugar coating not included. Jennifer has seen it all: growing up overweight, Jennifer tried every diet around. Couple that with the ups and downs of life, Jennifer knew she had to try something new. She not only shares her secrets to success on her site, Prior Fat Girl, but details her now balanced and healthy lifestyle. We want her to be our BFF.

Tone It Up

Join viral superstars Tone it Up girls in challenges and daily workouts, and receive tips to go along with them – everything from inspiring success stories to recipes to compliment your foray into fitness.

Daily Cup Of Yoga

Are you as yoga-obsessed as we are? Then you’ll love Daily Cup Of Yoga. This blog provides tips, tools and wisdom on on everything “yoga,” from poses and teachers to books and technology. Namaste!

Bex Life

We consider Bex of Bex Life our go-anywhere bliss expert. She lets you in on her life and the simple things that make her life one of the healthiest we know. Knowledgable but down-to-earth. Fun and funny. She just gets it. (psst…check her YouTube channel for how-tos and challenges anyone can follow!)

Breaking muscle

Breaking Muscle provides workout for everyone from mommies to combat athletes. It’s maybe one of the most versatile blogs we’ve seen – there’s literally something for everyone!

Yum Yucky

Josie of Yum Yucky keeps us laughing while she keeps it real about food and exercise: what works, what doesn’t, how to manage slip-ups and her tried and true home workouts she swears by. She’s not a certified trainer, just a woman passionate about keeping herself (and her family) fit. We relate. We love.

Well Blog by The New York Times

Just what we’d expect from the NY Times: a beautiful display of informative fitness articles including new research, interviews and current events in the world of all things fitness!

Nerd Fitness

One of our favorite site for newbies. Steve of Nerd Fitness makes it easy for anyone to “level up their life” – make small positive changes with huge rewards. 


We Wanna Know...

Is there a go-to fitness blog we haven’t mentioned that you’re dying to share with other TCM readers? Leave us a comment and tell us why they get an A+ in Phys Ed!

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