Superfood Spotlight: Thyme

What you need to know: Well known for its prominent role in French cuisine, this delicate herb is a culinary treasure, but offers therapeutic advantages as well. Once used by the ancient Greeks for its aromatic qualities in baths, and as incense, thyme was believed to bring both courage and protection to those who used it. Today its uses have expanded as the health benefits of both its essential oils and nutrient profile have proven beneficial for combating disease.

Why you should try it: Thyme contains a unique volatile oil called thymol, which has historically been used for its antimicrobial qualities. Thymol has been shown to be effective against a host of various bacteria and fungi, making it a favorite choice for respiratory issues such as coughs and chest congestion, as well as a protectant against food-borne illness. In addition, research indicates that thymol protects the delicate fatty structures that compose our cells, particularly targeting the kidney, brain and heart. As a result, it claims benefits such as improving memory, protecting against cardiovascular disease and promoting detoxification… and you know how much we love detoxifying!

Let’s get together: Since we are huge fans of non-toxic products, we are always looking for new ways to keep germ-free naturally. What better way than with thyme! Lucky for us, CleanWell has created a line of hand soaps, personal hand sanitizers, and wipes that utilize thyme’s powerful antimicrobial properties without any of the toxic stuff. So whether you make your own cleaning products at home, or are scavenging the health store for a new product, keep thyme in mind.

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