Urban Apiary: The Waldorf-Astoria’s Edible Rooftop Garden

You might dare to find a charming garden filled with honey bees on the most idyllic of countryside excursions, but high atop an iconic hotel on New York’s Upper East Side? A doubly delightful surprise!

The only thing better than a garden full of herbs and flowers is one that’s hidden in an unexpected place. And the rooftop of the Waldorf-Astoria certainly qualifies. We were surprised to recently find that not only does the hotel grow their own garden-fresh herbs and other greens, but they keep six bee hives abuzz as well!

As you can imagine, the hotel puts all this bee-keeping and garden-tending to good use for hotel guests, especially to those visiting for the world-famous treatments inside the Guerlain Spa. The spa (one of the best in the city) now offers a one-of-a-kind, fresh-from-the-rooftop Milk, Haute Honey and Rooftop Herbs treatment. And their Abeille Royale facial uses royal jelly, the most precious take from any hive. Royal jelly, produced for the queen bee herself, is one of nature’s most nutrient-dense substances, rich in amino acids, minerals and B vitamins that are fantastic for the skin. Of course, honey, too, is a skin superfood.

Join Guerlain Spa’s honey-bee facial with an herb garden treatment: Their fresh lemon sugar scrub is rosemary infused and their in-spa cocktail menu is filled with garden-fresh ingredients. We love that!

To book a treatment with Guerlain, find out more about their appointment times here. To book a room at the iconic Waldorf Astoria find out more here.

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