Superfood Spotlight: Reishi Mushrooms

Superfood Spotlight: Reishi mushrooms

What you should know: One of the most popular herbal tonics out there, reishi are medicinal mushrooms that have been revered in Chinese medicine as the ‘mushroom of immortality’ or ‘herb of spiritual potency’ for over 3,000 years. These mushrooms, grown high in the wooded Chinese mountains, are made into nourishing tonics that support an overall sense of well-being and are often called adaptogens – substances that help the body resist and adapt to a variety of stressors. Chinese medicine’s more holistic approach to health is reflected in their description of reishi’s benefits. Tonics with reishi are thought to support the cultivation of calmness, wisdom, and longevity and to nourish ‘shen’ or spiritual energy. Reishi have been found to fortify the immune system, protect the cardiovascular system, and to protect the liver.

Why you should try it: While reishi and many other mushrooms (shitake, maitake, and cordyceps) have strong immune-boosting properties, reishi tonics are best for providing a normalizing effect for a stressful lifestyle. If you are experiencing the frazzle of the fall season, sleeplessness, or just know that you’re not providing your body with the full support it needs, adding a reishi tonic to your diet is a great way to boost that support level.

Let’s Get Together:  Ron Teegarden’s Dragon Herbs (with shops here in LA or available online everywhere) provide a great variety of high-quality Chinese herbal supplements and tonics. We recommend their Wild Reishi Super Potency Extract for it’s potent and purely sourced wild reishi. If you’ve never tried an herbal tonic before, don’t be intimidated. Simply take a few drops straight or dilute them in a cup of hot water and enjoy as a tea. Tonics can also be easily added to your favorite juice or green smoothie!

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