Kelly Wearstler is behind some of the most artfully appointed rooms and outfits in the world, so it’s no wonder that her biggest inspiration is modern art and artists. Her house and office is filled with literally hundreds of books on all topics and the library in her home is easily her favorite room in the house. Though she finds books on and by painters and the natural world the most influential to her work in interior design and fashion, Kelly admits that some of the prints in her spring ’13 collection are riffs on patterns of minerals and crystals she found in a book from the ’70s on the racks of her library. So, on the eve of the publication of her fourth book, Rhapsody, we asked Kelly to dish on her favorite books of all time; make sure you check out all of her picks plus don’t miss out on the exclusive opportunity to win a copy of her brand new book before everybody else!

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Meet our October guest editor, the mutli-talented interior designer and fashion designer  Kelly Wearstler!

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