health benefits of kimchi

What You Need To Know: This exotic Asian super-sidedish has recently been gaining popularity throughout the rest of the world, and for good reason! This spicy dish, made up of fermented cabbage and spices, is packed with vitamins, minerals and the building blocks for a strong digestive system. It’s no wonder Koreans are considered some of the healthiest people on the planet!

Why You Should Try It: The main draw of kimchi is that it’s filled with bacteria: the good kind! It contains a host of various probiotic microflora, which not only boost your immunity, but keep your intestinal tract working at its highest, healthiest capacity. It also boasts a dose of both vitamins A and C in each serving, which keep your vision, teeth and skin in tip-top shape, and a level of antioxidants that only increases the longer the kimchi ferments. With only 15 calories per two-ounce serving, it can easily fit into anyone’s daily diet!

Let’s Get Together: Want to give this spicy superfood a shot? Folks have strong opinions about the strong-tasting stuff and which kind is best. While getting your hands on a homemade batch would be best, King’s Spicy Kimchi is a great second option. Not only is King’s vegetarian, but it contains a unique ingredient – paprika – to enhance its zingy flavor!

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