Supermodel Julie Henderson’s Beach Essentials

We’re getting in all the summer activities we can this month, including time at the beach before the season comes to an end! Seven-time Sports Illustrated supermodel Julie Henderson is showing us how it’s done. We asked Julie, who’s taken her beach-centric experience to the next level by designing a line of super comfy, super-cute bikinis with Basta Surf, how she keeps her cool in the sun and sand. Check out Basta Surf’s adorable double-sided bikinis for your first-time paddle-boarding experience or just to cozy up for a nap in the sand.

Beauty and the beach:

I keep a high SPF sunscreen, lip balm and hair heat-protection treatment on me at all times.

Pucker up:

The beach isn’t always the time for lipstick or even lipgloss, but I do love Ilia’s fantastic lip balm.

Stay fresh:

I love water, so it’s no problem for me to stay hydrated. I also love coconut water.

What to wear:

During the summer it gets so hot and I like to be very comfortable. My line of swimsuits was designed with that in mind. There is no hardware in any of the pieces and the material is soft and light, so it molds to your skin and let’s you get active.

Break a sweat:

I love to slip in a run or walk while at the beach. I also love to paddle board, it’s great for your core!

Sunning tips:

Always wear some form of SPF. I recommend 15 or higher. You can still get a little bit of a glow with SPF.

The perfect snap:

To take a great photo, try and make yourself as long and lean as possible. Never have your legs together, prop one leg up to the side and stick your hips out to the back a little. And smile!

Getting comfy:

Honestly? Again, sunscreen! How uncomfortable is a sunburn? Knowing you aren’t damaging your skin feels great and also helps keep you comfortable the next day.

Making waves:

Let your hair dry naturally after spending time at the beach. Your hair gets natural texture from the ocean water that most products can’t compete with!

Stay cool:

I keep my cool with a wide-brimmed hat, sunscreen and a cool drink: fresh juice – or even a margarita.

Out for lunch:

If you’re heading to lunch or dinner, a cute coverup or dress with sandals is perfect. Add beachy hair, sunglasses and lip balm and you are good to go!

Snack shack:

My favorite snacks for the beach are fresh fruits. Watermelon, berries, pineapple… delicious and refreshing.

Beach uniform:

My fave bikinis are from the collection I designed for Basta Surf. In particular, the Onfre bikini, because it looks great in every scenario. I also love my Prada sunglasses, Mulberry tote and Zara sandals. They are all great essentials that I can mix and match with dresses and coverups.

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