The Superfats You Probably Haven’t Tried + How To Use Them Now

Fats are in. And “super-fats” are what’s next!

We’re learning all about algae oil (we love algae shots and algae ice cream, so…) and diving deeper on MCT oil (see our Superfood Spotlight here), which you may already be familiar with because of Bulletproof Coffee’s popularity.

Holistic nutritionist, Kelly LeVeque, is telling us why we should all be paying attention to these super-fats (hint: one might have more fiber and protein than your leafy green lunch) including how to use MCT before a night on the town!

Now that the fear of fat has lifted, it’s time to get serious with what I call “superfats!” These high-quality fats support our immune system, help our bodies absorb fat-soluble vitamins like A, D, K and E, improve cognitive function, build cell membranes and help balance hormones.

The increased awareness and support of fat ushers in better quality products, new recipes and functional uses to fight oxidative stress. Upgrading the liquid fats in your kitchen is super easy if you know what you are looking for and how to use them.


New to the scene and totally sustainable, Algae oil is anti-inflammatory and the highest source of monounsaturated fat. Algae? Yes, the simple non-flowering plant that includes seaweed. One tablespoon alone has as much monounsaturated fat as an avocado. Coined MUFA, these fats are known to decrease the risk of breast cancer, lower cholesterol levels, help with weight loss and decrease the risk of heart disease and stroke.

You no longer need your sautéed veggies to taste like coconut, with its 485-degree smoke point and super light taste, algae oil is best used for high heat cooking, like stir-frys. Currently available as an oil from Thrive, expect to see a lot more algae in the future! With two times the omega 3s as chia seeds, nine times more fiber than kale and two times more protein than spinach, I am excited to see this sustainable product in protein and vegan lipid-rich powders as well.


We’ve all heard the name, but some of us may not be familiar with why MCT oil is so great or how exactly to use it. Medium chain triglycerides (MCTs) are easy to digest fatty acids most often found in coconut oil. MCTs are metabolized in the liver; when this happens, the brain calms hunger hormones and signals to the body that it’s time to burn fat for energy. In other words, by adding healthy fat to your diet, you increase fat burning in the liver.

MCT oil is a clear oil with a light taste that can be added to a smoothie, blended with coffee or used in baked goods. The functional uses are expanding, and research shows MCT oil increases energy expenditure, promotes fat burning and most recently, research shows taking MCT oil before drinking alcohol can help protect the liver against membrane oxidation.

Carbohydrates have the opposite effect. Alcohol’s complementary sugary mixers induce excessive blood-sugar spikes that produce insulin. Insulin is primarily a survival and storage hormone that lasts for six to eight hours. It leaves us craving more, in a state where we are both starving and storing fat. So ditch the sugary mixers and take a shot of MCT before your next cocktail – or mix it in!

The “Be Well” MCT Mule
Serves 1


2 oz vodka
1 oz fresh lime juice
1 oz pressed ginger juice
2 oz club soda
1 lime wedge
1 Tbsp MCT Oil
2 drops liquid organic stevia (optional)


In a tall glass with ice, add vodka, lime juice, MCT and ginger, then stir. Add club soda and squeeze the lime wedge and add it to the drink. If you enjoy a less tart cocktail, add 2 drops of liquid stevia. Stir and enjoy.

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