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Every summer we vow to drink more water. We start strong and committed (hey there, New Year resolutions!), but all bets are off once it begins to feel like chore – we get it! A glass of rosé looks much prettier in a tanned hand, and is way more fun to drink than yet another glass of h2o… unless you’re hydrating from one of these chic reusable water bottles.

As stylish as any other wearable accessory, these nine containers are too pretty not to flaunt and too functional not to use. From a fashionable flask for your day bag to a gorgeous carafe for your desk, these reusable water bottles are all the motivation we need to keep up with our hydration goals this summer.

Copper Water Bottle |  Our readers flipped over these Ayurvedic bottles when we first talked about them last year. Aside from being pretty, this copper container can load up your water with health and mood-boosting minerals, kill bacteria and contribute to a wide range of other body healing benefits!


The Original Big bkr Bottle | There’s a reason why this reusable water bottle has a cult-y fashion girl and celebrity following. The minimalist look and matte exterior is always chic – like the perfect cotton tee – and the uber-portable design means we’ll probably hydrate more often (which means gorgeous, glowing skin). It’s also BPA and phthalate-free, so we can guzzle the good stuff safely.


Memobottle | Sleek and chic is the name of the game for this BPA-free water bottle. It’s unique flask-like design slides right into a work bag or beach tote, and looks impossibly stylish when you pull it back out for a swig. It also holds a wine bottle-worth of water, so you won’t be burdened by frequent refills.


Glass PET Bottle | For the girl who takes her style with a side of irony, this glass carafe is a must-have accessory.  Sure, it might just look like a larger version of every plastic water bottle we’ve ever seen, but that’s the point. Cheeky convo-sparking design aside, this carafe’s no-spill stopper will keep the water where it belongs, and thermal glass ensures that things stay cool.


Swell Reusable Water Bottle | Pretty and durable, these stainless steel bottles are perfect for a girl on the go. They’re designed to keep cold liquids chilled and hot ones hot, so whether we’re spending all day hiking or a just few hours shopping, our hydration wants and needs will always be met. We’re in love with the swirls of blue.


Menu Carafe with Cork Lid | Simplicity and sophistication often go hand in hand; the long and lean design of this chic glass carafe will bring a touch of functional elegance to any desk or tabletop. It’s easy to pour from and fits just as easily into a narrow refrigerator shelf.


Takeya Glass Water Bottle | Chemical-free and made with recycled glass, the desgin of this pretty hydration solution is sustainable as it is stylish. Clumsy ladies, fear not! This bottle is basically unbreakable, and comes with a leak-proof cap. Its silicone exterior also makes for a slip-free grip (and comes in a variety of soft, summery colors).


Soma Water Filter + Carafe | The sexy curves of this carafe’s hourglass figure fill a functional role in addition to an aesthetic one. A biodegradable filter made from coconut shell carbon and silk (seriously) fits right into the top, and can purify a full glass of water in a matter of minutes. Remove the filter and we’re left with a gorgeous glass container to serve and store our crisp, clean water.


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  1. I love the sound of that coconut and silk filter with the Soma bottle! I have a Swell bottle myself and can’t recommend it enough- great for hot and cold!

    Steph | 06.10.2016 | Reply
  2. Check out the reviews of the copper bottle on amazon before considering purchasing.

    wendy | 06.11.2016 | Reply
  3. Soma is actually a terrible filtration company. Do you’re research before you purchase. I have a swell bottle and love it.

    Alicia | 06.30.2016 | Reply

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