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The company that made it easy to drop in for a quick hair fix is applying the same concept to another very important area of our lives. The team behind Drybar has just announced today that they will be opening the ultimate easy to pop-in to massage studio, Squeeze, and we couldn’t be more ready.

Squeeze officially opens in LA in 2019. Aiming to provide a streamlined experience similar to Drybar, the team at Squeeze has designed things so that the customer can easily pop in for a massage that’s fast and completely customizable.

What really sets them apart is that everything except the massage itself happens on an app. Every part of an appointment can be personalized from the therapist to the music, the temperature to the scent of the massage oils. Using the app, sessions happen without check out too – payment all happens through the app!

Businesses in the self-care are on the rise. Having had many good experiences at Drybar, we’re excited to see how the new massage space looks in real life early next year. The idea of booking a massage this seamlessly is a small thrill. We need a massage — not an extra business relationship to manage. Squeeze seems to get that?

The fact that Squeeze makes getting a message so casually makes it an easy habit to sustain. From a wellness point of view, massages are amazing for draining and detoxing your lymph, soothing over-worked muscles, and generally reducing stress. From a life point of view, we can’t think of a better way to boost our regular self-care routines.

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