Spirulina Benefits

You’ve heard the name, probably mispronounced it once or twice, and seen it used in superfood smoothies here and there. But let’s get it straight once and for all; we are hooked on spirulina and you should be too. Here’s why…

Spirulina has become a superfood superstar for its many health benefits and endless ways of use. Spirulina is a blue-green microscopic algae grown in freshwater and recognizable for its rich hue and intense flavor.  What most people don’t realize about spirulina is that it’s packed with protein (60-70%) and includes 18 amino acids, including the 9 ‘essential’ amino acids that can only be acquired by food.

Spirulina Benefits

Spirulina is a perfect food for anti-aging, is easily digested and filled with antioxidants. Due to the high concentration of protein and chlorophyll content, spirulina helps energize the body and boost stamina.  Just 3 grams of spirulina contain more antioxidants and anti-inflammatory nutrients than 5 servings of vegetables. As mentioned previously, it includes all the essential amino acids and is high in iron, calcium, omega 3, 6, 9s, chlorophyll, B vitamins, as well as vitamins C,D,A,K, and E. Additionally, spirulina’s beta carotene level is ten times more concentrated than beta carotene found in carrots.

Not only does spirulina help strengthen the body, but it helps keep it balanced.  Spirulina has exceptional detoxification properties and can help rid the body of heavy metals and chemical toxins accumulated in the system from the foods we eat and drinking water. Spirulina is great for digestion and helpful in promoting microflora balance in the intestines.  It increases good bacteria which can even offset diseases like leaky gut syndrome and candida.

 How to Integrate Spirulina Into Your Life

Just a little powder, goes a long way with spirulina making it such an easy addition to your daily routine. Though it has a strong, yet sweet ocean flavor, it can easily be concealed and added to any meal.  Sprinkle a little into your morning smoothie, salad dressing at lunch, homemade chocolate dessert or even into your weekly face mask!

+ Spirulina for Energy | Spirulina is the perfect boost for anything you might be sipping on throughout the day. Buy it in a blend with other superfoods or use it straight on it on its own for sustained energy! We drink it on the daily with this easy to make green power milk. LEARN MORE

+ Spirulina for Detoxification| Spirulina’s high antioxidant content makes it the perfect detoxing food. Heal and protect the body from the inside out with a simple daily spirulina tonic. LEARN MORE

+ Spirulina is a Skincare Superstar | Nourish and revitalize the skin with a rich spirulina face mask. It rids the skin of impurities while encouraging a sun kissed radiance! LEARN MORE

+ Spirulina Breakfast with Bene’s | Spirulina guarantees a good morning, especially when it comes in the form of a coconut-y breakfast bowl. Blend in a little spirulina with soaked nuts, coconut, and a few dates for sweetness.  An easy to make, yet sustaining breakie! LEARN MORE

+ Spirulina Smoothie | A smoothie is the easiest way ever to get more of it! Throw spirulina into a smoothie for a high protein boost and not to mention, it will make your smoothie the most beautiful oceany blue color. Mermaid food is the new unicorn food — you heard it here first! LEARN MORE

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