In so many ways, Fall feels like the start of the year. Unlike in January – when making resolutions feels like a mandatory group activity – we prefer to set goals for effective personal change on our own, under the radar, in the Fall, while nobody’s watching.

This season, all of our personal health and wellness goals can be summed up in one crunchy-sounding concept: raising our vibration…and keeping it up. Our hippie-dippe counterparts from throughout the holistic wellness world relate high vibrations to that peaceful state of well-being we achieve when we focus on creating a positive state of mind, nourish ourselves with great ideas and powerful nutrition, dig in to those oxygen-pumping workouts, and find room to destress, detox, and unwind. Basically, raising our vibrations has to do with all the things. How we’re treating ourselves throughout the day – from the thoughts we’re feeding and the food we’re eating, to the weights we’re lifting and emotions we’re mulling over – all affect our sense of overall energy.

Whether you’re following along whole-heartedly or skeptically here, thinking about your “vibe” throughout the day is great shorthand for measuring your energy level, mood, and state of mind. Paying attention to our own feelings and making those small adjustments accordingly can have a profound effect on our health over time.

Here are our tips for raising your vibration throughout the day. Adopt a few of our ideas, then tell us your own. We’re giving away $500 worth of Spiritual Gangster‘s new fall collection below to help you keep those good vibes top of mind….

10 Ways To Raise Your Vibration Daily 

living snacks

You can’t achieve a high-vibe day with low-vibe food. Some of our favorite healthy snacks actually give us instant gratification: the rush of good circulation after a freshly-made green juice, piece of dark chocolate or superfood smoothie is palpable. Eat nutritious snacks that will fuel you to do more of what you love – this is all in the pre-planning! Here are a few perfect ideas. 

upgrade your space

Your environment matters. How all the clutter or bad lighting effects your mood is not all in your head. Our homes and private spaces effect our sense of well-being and our ability to create. Whether it means taking a few minutes daily to clear clutter, making a little effort to add something special to your desk (just adding a plant can do wonders!), or even taking the car through the wash, upgrading your space can help you clear your mental space and give you a jolt of energy. 

the mini-break

As our Guest Editor Kris Carr mentioned recently, daily mini-breaks are the best kinds of vacations. Sure, it may only be five minutes or an hour, but taking a meaningful break from the daily grind can make a world of difference and send those good vibes soaring. Get creative with your mini-breaks and plan them out: the sense of anticipation can go a long way. Once you’ve planned out your nature walk, nap or guilty-pleasure reading, stick to it and throw yourself whole-heartedly into it! 

wear your best ideas

Wear your heart on your sleeve and your mantra on your sweatshirt. We couldn’t be more thrilled about the trend toward meaning-driven fashion – and Spiritual Gangster is the O.G. We’re wearing messages we love like ‘live by the sun, love by the moon’ to keep ourselves in a light-hearted and thoughtful state of mind. Just one glance of ‘love is all we need’ in our own reflection and we’re instantly brought back to a better state of mind throughout the day. It’s also possible these tops make us nicer people: giving someone attitude while wearing a giant positive message emblazoned on our chest just doesn’t work out well. 

Use essential oils

Essential oils contain some of the highest vibrations from plants of all kinds. Use essential oils to set intentions and reduce stress. Diffuse clarifying or uplifting oils in the morning. Apply de-stressing oil blends to the back of your neck at the first signs of tension. Spritz calming oils on your sheets at night. Scent has a profoundly powerful effect on our state of mind – tune into it and transform your mood. 

Show some kindness

Fixated on worries, concerns, and needs of your own all day? Unclench your mental grip on self for a few moments and go out of your way to do something for someone else. We all know the emotional dividends here are high. Buy coffee for the person behind you at the coffee shop, give a sincere compliment to a stranger, write a brief email of encouragement to a friend and tell them how you feel about them. High vibes on demand. 

re-think your workouts

Rethink working out. Whether in addition to your full hour yoga and spin sessions or in place of them, if it’s all the time you’ve got, make time for short ten-minute workouts. At home, that could mean rebounding, a few simple Vinyasas, or a full-out dance session to your favorite song. At the office, drop everything and take a brisk walk around the block or schedule a meeting at a nearby park. Short bursts of cardio can do wonders for our mental, physical and emotional energy states.

Inspire yourself

Okay, so maybe you don’t have all weekend to dive deep into a new book. That doesn’t mean you don’t have time to read! Everyday, find a way to work reading into your day. Tuck a great book into your desk and make it your afternoon mini-break. Subscribe to an online magazine you love and read an article that inspires you each day. Find a way to learn something daily – it keeps our hearts lifted and our minds open and inspired.

Prioritize meditation

Spend a little time in meditation each day. It’s one of the simplest gifts you can give yourself to destress, process emotions healthfully, and unlock your best creative ideas. Don’t over-think this one. Create a quite morning ritual or identify the point in your day when you need this reboot most and find a way to work it in – even if it’s a few moments of deep breathing and checking in with yourself while in the car. 

get grounded

Keeping those vibes high isn’t only about raising your energy, but about letting energy go. An essential wellness habit we swear by is the practice of “grounding.” Literally, getting your bare feet on the earth each day. Throughout time, this “practice” has been essentially unavoidable – which is likely why this practice is not as well-known. Getting your own two feet on the ground has a calming and balancing effect that can’t be denied. It also helps our bodies to rid themselves of all the frequencies we absorb from cell phones, computers, and the like. Read all about the practice of “grounding” daily here.

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