It’s the little things that make mornings work, right? For us, that means adding well-designed details to our daily rituals like supplements, tonics, smoothies and coffees. A few years back, we realized that while our kitchen drawers were stocked with every imaginable type of kitchen tool, we didn’t have just the right smoothie accessory to scoop into Sun Potion bottles, protein powder bags and jars of coconut butter – things we use every day!

We went on a hunt for the perfect small, but useful spoons with style points and discovered very few — usually marketed as caviar spoons or cocktail stirrers! Fast-forward a few years to today, and we’re seeing these pretty little pieces everywhere — just like the powders and potions that accompany them. We’ve updated our list of  totally functional, but also beautiful smoothie and tonic spoons below — they’ll elevate your morning rituals just as they should….

smoothie accessory small spoonFein Small Spoon | Simple perfection. We often like our kitchen accessories with a little flourish, but the ones we truly love are simple and modern like the one above. CHECK OUT

smoothie accessory tiny gold spoonCB2 Mini Gold Spoon | This cute little scooper is incredibly affordable with a matte handle and shiny spoon. Keep it on hand and thank us later, when you pour the perfect amount of matcha into your cup without turning your entire kitchen counter green. CHECK OUT

smoothie acesory hammered gold spoonLue Tea Spoon | The hammered handle and slightly shovel-like head of this spoon create an intriguing little design moment. Perfect for straining tea bags and stirring herbal elixirs. CHECK OUT

smoothie accessory spoonMLKANHNY Hammered Brass Spoons | We discovered these gold-toned hammered spoons on Etsy and promptly ordered up a pair. You may have seen these in a good dozen shoots on the site. These delicately glamorous little guys are just short of jewelry-status and now we can’t imagine making a mushroom tonic without them. CHECK OUT

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