It’s the little things that make mornings work, right? For us, that means adding well-designed details to our daily rituals like tonics, smoothies and coffee.

We recently realized that while our kitchen drawers were stocked with every imaginable type of kitchen tool, we didn’t have just the right smoothie accessory to scoop into Sun Potion bottles, protein powder bags and jars of coconut butter – things we use every day!

We went on a hunt and discovered that tiny caviar spoons, cocktail stirrers and other adorably-sized spoons do just the trick! They’re totally functional, but also beautiful – elevating our morning rituals just as they should. Here are a few recent faves we’ve found…

Hammered Brass Spoons by MLKANHNY | We discovered these gold-toned hammered spoons online and promptly ordered up a pair. These delicately glamorous little guys are just a chain away from jewelry-status and now we can’t imagine making a mushroom tonic without them. CHECK OUT HERE

Branch + Twig Bar Spoon by Anthropologie | Teas and tonics don’t get more elegant than this. We’re obsessed with this branch-inspired spoon for loose leaf teas and dried herbs.CHECK OUT HERE


Pointy Snout Caviar Spoons Set | Sometimes our most complex smoothies near the expense of caviar if we’re honest with ourselves. So maybe this caviar spoon is as appropriate as can be. Handmade in Kenya, these delicate two-tone spoons are the perfect pairing. CHECK OUT HERE

Ceramic Spoon by CB2 | If you’re into the minimalist-chic thing, this spoon is just right. Use it to reach into a tiny bags of superfoods or coconut butter and save yourself a little hassle in high style. CHECK OUT HERE

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  1. Or just buy an extra set of measuring spoons and leave one in each jar 😉

    pamb | 12.08.2016 | Reply


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