Boundaries, Baby: 4 Simple Affirmations To Protect Your Energy

To Protect your energy means more than just securing the lid on your morning coffee; though that’s important too. According to kinesiologist, naturopath and author, Cassie Mendoza-Jones — a wellness pro who specializes in helping women who feel stuck and disconnected to themselves — letting our energy live its best life comes down to a simple but mindful shift in perspective.  

Looking after the energy we contain and manage is important; beyond the physical, this energy constitutes our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual-self. It’s not just our food and exercise that impacts our energy, as our thoughts, emotions and interactions with others affects our energy, and our energetic field.

What can you do to protect your energy? If you’re not sure, then you’re in the right place, as in this article I’ll take you through several simple things you can do to start protecting your energy, whether it’s through you giving too much away, or through what’s known as ‘energy leaks’. Lets look at a few simple ways you can protect your own energy and keep you living in what I call ‘heartfelt harmony’…

4 Simple Affirmations To Protect Your Energy

Heartfelt harmony is a sense of worth, empowerment, balance and alignment. It’s where you know what you need to do in order to cleanse what’s not working for you, and you know how to deeply care for yourself.

Keep in mind that your intention is everything… so use these tips where you feel necessary, but always remember that you can choose when and to whom you offer up your energy.

A Note on Affirmations:  If you choose an affirmation from the below list but it feels ‘stressful’ in some way, don’t keep repeating it! In my 1:1 kinesiology sessions with clients, we set goals for how they’d rather be feeling, thinking or behaving, and then we release the blocked stress from their bodies and minds. So, if you keep repeating an affirmation or essentially – a goal – but you don’t release the underlying stress, you may not feel any benefits. In fact, you may add to the stress. In saying that, some people find them super helpful, so see what works for you, and only choose affirmations from the list above that resonate with you… or create your own.

no. 1 | Give Yourself Permission to Set Boundaries

When I first started out seeing clients, I would sometimes spend the entire morning before seeing particular clients in a thick head fog, completely exhausted… and unsure why. Then one day I realized I was feeling this way only when I was about to see particular clients with fatigue. I was tapping into their energy and ‘surrogating’ (which we’ll discuss further down in this post) and so I felt tired… through them. As soon as the client would leave my clinic, I felt light and energized and back to myself.

I started setting the intention before my fatigued clients would arrive, that my energy was my own, and that I didn’t need to share it. I set the intention to ‘keep’ my energy to myself, so I could more fully serve my clients. For you, this might mean you go into a meeting or on a lunch date date with someone who has drained your energy in the past, but this time you set the intention that no matter what happens, your energy stays with you, and that you are safe and protected.

For extra support, use these affirmations to help call your energy back to you:
My energy is protected, and is completely my own.
I am full of self-confidence, energy and joy.
I release all reactions and respond in my power.
My energy raises the vibration of the room, while keeping me protected and energized.

no. 2 | Energetically ‘Bubble-Wrap’ Yourself

This works beautifully if you’re about to spend time with people or in a situation where you often feel a bit attacked, squashed or drained, or… when you spend time with someone who has a lot of their own stuff going on and they often project it onto you.

Imagine yourself in a beautiful white or golden bubble. Anytime someone says something or does something that irks you or upsets you, imagine the energy from their words, body language or actions bouncing off your white, protected bubble and reflecting back onto them. It is, after all, their stuff they are trying to project onto you, and you’re just gently setting the intention that you don’t need to absorb it.

Try working with these heartfelt harmony affirmations:
I am free from energy drains.
I protect myself at all times.
My energy is safe and completely mine.
I only allow positive energy, thoughts and vibrations to flow through me.

no. 3 | Release Energetic Ties to Others

When we ‘surrogate’ for someone’s energy, it’s because a part of us feels they are unable to look after themselves. We take on other people’s stuff because we want to protect them, make them happy, or relieve some of their burden. What this does it leave a pressure on your chest, and can leave you feeling depressed, anxious or fatigued. In the past I have sometimes surrogated for clients, and I’ll feel their anxiety before our session. I use these techniques on myself to ensure I am completely ‘me’ again, and the anxiety washes straight off me.

Sit for a moment, take some deep breaths, and think of who you may be surrogating for. It’s usually the first person who pops into your mind.

Now, with your eyes close, imagine where this person is ‘attached’ to you, in or on your body. Perhaps there’s an energetic rope or string coming out of your stomach, your solar plexus, your chest or anywhere else. Slowly, gently and with love, pull the rope or string out from your body and energy field, and imagine yourself disposing of it in any way you choose – perhaps you’ll let it wash away in the ocean, bury it in sand or under a tree, or wrap it up in tissue paper and hand it back to this person.

Take some extra deep breaths in… and out. And imagine yourself completely free of this person’s energy (in a good way!). You’re not energetically cutting yourself off from this person, you’re simply releasing the surrogating ties while sending love back their way. This will help you come back to being completely you, and you’ll feel lighter and more aligned with yourself, your emotions and feelings.

Try working with these heartfelt harmony affirmations:
I am free from energy drains.
I release all energetic attachments to… [insert name]
I allow [insert name] to look after themselves and this protects my energy.

No. 4 | Clear + Cleanse Your Space

I LOVE space clearing. It can wash away any negativity and leave the room you’re in feeling clear, light and positive.

To clear your space, you can use white sage, salt water in bowls (just change it daily), crystals (clear them often), energetic sprays or even just open the window and set the intention that any ‘old’, stale or negative energy will wash away with the wind.

Of course, if your home is filled with clutter… it doesn’t matter how many times you white sage the room, you may still feel… cluttered and drained. De-cluttering your space and home (something we dive into in my Cleansed eCourse) is all about releasing and letting go of all the stuff you no longer need. It’s refreshing and cleansing and very important if you want to live or work in a space that vibrates at a high level and makes you feel cleansed, happy and powerful.

Try working with these heartfelt harmony affirmations:
I breathe in positive energies only.
My space is loving, protected and clear.
I allow simplicity into my home.

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