Seasonal Wellbeing: Finding Balance For The Fall

Take note of this advice from Annee Mamiel – expert in Traditional Chinese Medicine and creator of de Mamiel therapeutic beauty teas and seasonal therapy oils. In both her facial acupuncture sessions and bespoke facial oil blending, Annee focuses heavily on keeping her clients in tune and on top of changing cycles and seasons. Who better to share her advice on staying balanced through a health-filled fall…

Life is a series of seasons and cycles and I am continually awed by just how much the shifts in Mother Nature can affect our bodies and minds. I wanted to create an artisanal beauty range that works alongside nature, and balances us when we need centering and cossets us when we need soothing.

Seasonally, autumn in Traditional Chinese Medicine is represented by the metal element, which is characterized by expansion, contraction, and transformation on physical, emotional, and spiritual levels. It brings with it a desire to know who we are and to find value and meaning in what we do. Also associated are the emotions of grief, sadness, reflection and “letting go.” It reflects the lungs and large intestines, so immunity is a big focus. It is a transitional time as our energies begin to descend from energetic yang and move inward to a yin form. This can quite often be a difficult time of adjustment, but here are a few things to help ease the transition to autumn and help us find our rhythm:

Add moisture

There is less moisture in the air and you will feel it first in your skin so stay hydrated. Increase the topical hydration, move to a facial oil of an evening and maybe add a drop of oil to your daily moisturizer for an extra burst. Add liquid to your diet: Consume warm nourishing soups, and good oils – add nuts seeds and flaxseed to your porridge or smoothies.

Teas and Tonics

Herbs are a great for the the immune system. Teas made of echinacea, jasmine and oat straw tea are a great boost and are soothing, while marshmallow root adds moisture. Make a tonic, like the tea below, when you feel a little susceptible to colds and flu symptoms.

Essential Oils and Flower Remedies

Using oils and essences that have an affinity with autumn. Choose oils and essences that strengthen and support the lungs and our immunity, encourage the breathe and promotes acceptance, compassion and forgiveness, such as: eucalyptus, cypress, fragonia, elemi, yerba santa, snowdrop and ruby red rose.

Tip: Pop a drop of de Mamiel Altitude Oil under your nostrils to protect you when everyone around you in sniffling, or sprinkle a few drops in the bottom of the shower and allow the steam to clear your head.

Affirmations and Meditations

Practice regular, mindful breathing – it can be calming and energizing. Breath is a deep rhythm of the body that connects and grounds us intimately with the world around us. Close your eyes, breathe deeply and regularly, and observe your breath as it flows in and out of your body.  To help focus you use these affirmations:
Breathing in: I expand my lungs and breathe deeply, inhaling the sustaining breathe of life.
Breathing out: I release my sorrow and sadness and any pain I have felt in my past.
I feel inspired and courageous and I live with joyful energy and enthusiasm.
I now forgive myself and others and can move forward with my life.

Garlic Ginger Mint Immunity Tea


a few slices of fresh ginger
1 clove of garlic, smashed
2-3 slices of lemon, or 1/2 piece of lemongrass, smashed
a sprinkle of cayenne or paprika
a handful of fresh mint leaves
manuka honey


In a large Bodum or tea pot, mix ginger, garlic, lemon or lemongrass, cayenne or paprika, and mint leaves.

Add boiling water.

Let steep for 5 minutes and sweeten with manuka honey. Enjoy!

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