The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show seems to dominate fashion and lifestyle news this time of year. Although many of us have a range of feelings on the hubbub surrounding the famous and nearly nakie runway, we’ve loved noticing a shift toward fitness and nutrition by many of the leading names in the show. Former TCM Guest Editor, Lily Aldridge is one of them and we’re proud of this super-babe for championing the idea that beauty comes from balance – with plenty of calories included. 

This year, Lily partnered up with Sakara Life (meet the founders) to build a menu of clean, nutrient-dense meals featuring her personal faves from their arsenal. Get a glance at the menu below to see how Lily preps for a big show in balance. Notice plenty of plants, a ton of protein and not a hint of deprivation.

While the VS Fashion Show may be more about fantasy than daily norms, many of these girls are sweating, lifting, and hydrating their way into great shape and sharing a ton of tips. We loved the Vogue Paris takeover with model Izabel Goulart who shared her killer pre-show workout videos (strong is the new sexy for sure). This menu from Lily is another piece of ultimate inspiration for those working toward a hard-core strength and wellness goal.

Only available for two weeks (starting December 5th), the curated 5-day plan delivers the essentials of Lily’s pre-runway regimen, including access to daily online classes from her favorite studio, Ballet Beautiful (get into it with these studio-inspired wardrobe picks!).

We’re inspired by the sound of this crazy delicious menu below. (Here’s how to get in on it.) Check out our own avocado pudding, protein waffles and beet ravioli recipes too!

THE Lily AldridGe x Sakara Life MENU

Sweet Thai Oatmeal
Botanical Bar
Avo-Cacao Probiotic Pudding
Plant Protein Granola w/ Matcha Mylk
Chia Protein Waffles

Prosperity Pad Thai
Thai Burger w/ Rainbow Slaw & Root Fries
Beauty Blend
Mermaid Dream Salad
Turmeric Toast w/ Cooling Cucumber Dill Salad

Sakara Earth Bowl
Beet Rawvioli w/ Toasted Sesame Broccolini
The Daydreamer Soba Bowl
Indian Spiced Samosas w/ Sweet & Sour Chutney
Sweet Beet + Toasted Cashew Medley w/ Carrot Ginger Glow
Get the full scoop on Lily’s menu here

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