We love everything Lacy does as founder of Free + Native Journal, a modern holistic guide and forum that aims to keep us balanced on the inside and out – we’re always learning something new from her to help us get back to our roots. A wealth of information with kindness to boot, Lacy is our go-to girl whenever we’re wanting to learn about a new-to-us superfood or a health-changing DIY – and we always hope her healing, holistic ways will rub off on us.

Bouquets of roses are abound this month – why not put those petals to good use? This DIY rose petal honey concoction – made with soothing rose petals and immune-boosting local honey – is perfect for Valentine’s Day health, keeping you cool, calm and collected while you turn up the heat. Here’s Lacy with the details on this sweet superfood treat…

Contrary to popular belief, I find February to be a time of self-renewal, self-reflection, and self-compassion, rather than focusing on “us” or couples. All this emphasis on connection and love can bring up feelings of stress and heat for some of us. In ayurveda, the consumption of rose petals is known to be cooling and soothing to the heart and mind in stressful situations. It also supports metabolism, and rejuvenates the digestive tract, colon and liver with a healthy boost of vitamin C. Infusing rose petals in raw, local honey is a powerful combination for immunity. I love to toss my roasted carrots with rose honey, use a tiny bit to sweeten my medicinal tonics, or spread on some warm sprouted sourdough bread fresh out of the oven. In these moments, quiet with oneself and nourishing all the nine tissues of the ayurvedic physiology, you are more likely to find unconditional love.



1 jar of desired size (I tend to gravitate towards smaller ones)
2 Tbsp of dried organic rose petals (fresh are wonderful as well)
Enough raw, local honey to fill your jar


Add your roses to your cleaned jar of choice. Then pour honey over the roses filling the jar to the top.

Stir, cap, and use when desired – or gift to those you love.

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