As long as you’re having a meeting (or a quasimeeting with colleagues who are also friends) why not hash out that agenda over snacks and cocktails? We’re pretty sure that’s the original idea behind the “happy” hour, after all – but the idea itself has grown a little stale. No one wants to meet at a sticky bartop for salty bar food and syrup-drenched cocktails, so we think the concept of Happy Hour needs a major refresh…

We’re redeeming the afternoon meeting with our version of the happiest hour of the day and we think you’ll be all for it.

Instead of meeting over questionable treats, why not flip your afternoon meet-up into a sun-drenched power hour where you and your cohorts can get a little work done over food that’s light and clean in an environment filled with things you love – your own home!

We recently met up with a few L.A. ladies for a little al fresco work and play at the home of Jaclyn Johnson, the mastermind behind digital marketing agency No Subject LA and founder of the creative conference, Create and Cultivate. Pals Geri Hirsch, Danielle Gano and Daniele Pierson joined us and Jaclyn’s neighbor Rachel Mae Furman as she whipped up some of the most delicious fresh Pressed Juicery cocktails  as we worked and played our way through the golden hour.

Read through Jaclyn’s thoughts below as we pick this #girlboss (and brand new Forbes’ “30 Under 30” pick’s) brain on work and play. Then find out how to win a free VIP pass to Jacyln’s upcoming Create and Cultivate here in L.A.!

Tomorrow, join us as we share the recipe for Jacyln’s show-stopping beet hummus and a few easy ideas on making these perfect afternoon cocktails. Here’s Jaclyn…


Jaclyn Johnson, founder of (No Subject) and creator of Create + Cultivate.


(No Subject) is a creatively-driven marketing, influencer and events agency. We specialize in creating campaigns that live online and offline for forward thinking brands. Create + Cultivate is a conference for the curious — we have our March Fashion + Beauty Summit happening in March!

Your favorite time of day:

Definitely the golden hour; Los Angeles suddenly has a gold-drenched tone that saturates all the hills and it looks truly magical.

Three things that inspire you:

My city, my friends and our resilience as human beings.

Fave places in town for meetings:

Many of my days are spent bouncing from meeting to meeting – I love the Ace Hotel rooftop and Soho House for meetings, but I often prefer something a bit more intimate. Since I am lucky enough to work with many of my talented friends, I often host happy hours or brunches at my home, mixing a little business and pleasure.

Favorite apps:

Oh so many apps! Spring – Instagram meets the mall, you can browse and buy all your favorite brands (a little too easily!). Handstand – perfect for entrepreneurs, on demand personal trainers that come to you. Drync – snap a picture of a bottle of wine you like and it will tell you how much it is and where to buy it! Heads Up! – your favorite new party favor! I literally could play Heads Up all night with friends (watching the videos the next day however is quite embarrassing).

Fave organizational tool:

My Mod Mobile. I literally can’t go anywhere without it; it has a place for everything.

Your calendar: digital, paper or both?

Both. I live and die by my Google Calendar, but I write all my to-dos in my Moleskine.

Fave emerging trends of 2015:

I think the whole women-in-business movement is truly gaining momentum (blame it on the grand sextile!), but seriously I see women starting to connect, collaborate and create wonderfully businesses and friendships built on empowering each other. It’s rad.

Most inspiring women in biz:

Emily Weiss. She is truly a force to be reckoned with right now in the beauty industry – not only is she one of the first bloggers to really take her platform and use it to build an empire, but she created an amazing product line, Glossier, built off her audiences needs and wants (and raided $10 million dollars in the process!). I am beyond excited to see her speak about her story at Create + Cultivate in March! #girlcrush

Must-have happy hour snacks:

Happy hour snacks should always be light since you will likely have dinner after. I love a fun spin on a mezze plate – feta cheese, hummus (I made beet hummus for this meeting), crudite, light crackers, dried fruit and an array of nuts.

Meeting soundtrack:

Our office soundtrack totally varies but usually includes a mix of TVOTR, First Aid Kit, Zola Jesus, Beyonce (duh), Foxygen, Fleetwood Mac and Tribe Called Quest.

Best advice on work/life balance:

Find what works for you. There is no formula for the amount of time you should work or not work. For me my balance comes in the form of working out at least four times per week, having at least one or two designated date nights with my boyfriend, one night all to myself, usually with a face mask, Netflix and a glass of wine (this is super important!), and making time for non-work-related friendship hangs throughout the week.

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