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No need to schedule an appointment.  If you have a question or two that you’d love an expert to answer contact us.  Here, one of our favorite skin experts, Dr. Alkaitis, answers a few questions from our readers on summer skin and sensitivity.

Q: Sometimes I wonder, with my medicine cabinet full of potions and creams, what our ancestors did for their skin.  Are there any ancient remedies or products that can hold their weight against my modern face products? 

A: “My favorite research for skin is for home remedies of all sorts, usually found in my herb books. Our ancestors had it totally right the whole time and it still holds up against all those chemicals.  The Moroccans, Egyptians, Greeks and Asian cultures all have understood the importance of healing plant oils, herbs and essential oils and it was a huge part of their day to day lives where they incorporated beautiful ritualistic ceremonies regarding their health and beauty. How far away we have come from loving our bodies!

One simple everyday ingredient that is wonderful to use is lemon. Make a simple solution of squeezed lemon juice. It lightens, brightens, clears, reduces oil, shine, provides instant Vitamin C boost, is a natural exfoliator and contains natural fruit acids. Another of my favorite recipes is mixing cinnamon and raw organic honey and applying it on acne. You can also make a honey and lemon mask. Honey is a tremendous skin healer, natural exfoliator, skin softener and antibacterial. It really is endless to what nature has provided us.

I feel that these homemade remedies are a much healthier solution to our bodies and planet and certainly affordable.”

Q: I’ve noticed that natural shampoos don’t get as foamy as the un-natural ones.  I like to use natural products, but I miss the suds. Is my hair still getting clean?

A: “Yes! Actually our shampoo lathers nicely, but mostly on the second wash.  The truth is we need to totally re-examine the way we handle our hair. Shampooing our hair to get that ‘squeaky clean’ is also stripping our hair of our natural oils, so it’s much better to have natural, organic low foam shampoos that are doing less damage to your hair. It is a challenge to make organic shampoos and conditions to act the way conventional ones do. The conventional ones contain chemicals that are exactly the same that are found in fabric softeners and laundry detergents. The truth is that our hair, like our skin, has become addicted to these un-natural processes. I know many women who are using more natural ways to condition their hair through the application of organic oils and various natural home treatments – myself included. Slowly, I use less and less conditioner and have been using our Nourishing Treatment oil on my ends. My hair has never looked better.”

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